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Unu Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case for iPhone 5s

A wireless charging iPhone 5s battery case? Why, yes please! You mean you can finally experience what it is like to wirelessly charge an iOS device and be protected with the convenience of a slim battery case? Stop the madness. And no, this isn't sarcasm but a genuinely thrilled response to what may be one of the most practical accessories made for the iPhone that we have ever come across. It's called the Aero, and it's made by a company called Unu. While not entirely distinct, the Aero is one of the very few wireless charging battery cases available for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 that packs a fairly large internal battery capacity (2000mAh mind you), into a very sleek and slim form factor. To some this may be a dream come true. To others however, the thought of adding bulk no matter how useful it may be is a ridiculous idea. So how good is the Aero as being both a battery case and a wireless charging gateway all in one? You can of course find out when you reach the full and very much comprehensive review down below.

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Just Mobile AluCable, Mini, Twist & Highway Duo, Max Review

In its never ending quest to enhance the mobile user's experience with products that are as elegant and functional as they are convenient, Just Mobile has created a full line dedicated to gadget charging. More specifically, Apple gadgets. The company's new Lightning connector accessories consist of the AluCable, AluCable Mini and AluCable Twist - three slightly different Lightning cables designed to answer specific needs while also boasting a stylish design that is a first in Lightning cable history- tapered anodized aluminum connector ends worthy of Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

But that's not all we have our hands on because Just Mobile recently introduced two more stylish, aluminum-clad car chargers to its lineup including the Highway Duo and Highway Max, both featuring USB charging ports with configurations that set them apart from one another - the latter being Android, iOS and Windows Phone friendly. More accessory selection, just for you. Head past the break as we dissect 5 of Just Mobile's latest charging accessories after the cut!

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LifeProof Nuud Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

Nearly a full year has past since we published our review of the Fre waterproof case, and in that time LifeProof has been working hard to create the next revolutionary waterproof case for the iPhone 5. The Nuud is LifeProof's latest offering, an innovative waterproof case with screenless technology borrowed from the company's Nuud for the iPad - the first case to have pioneered this brilliant concept. And in doing so, LifeProof has fixed the most troublesome area that has affected every case model since the inception of the LifeProof case. The Nuud no longer requires an integrated screen protector which means you can now directly touch your iPhone's glass touchscreen without of course sacrificing invaluable waterproof prowess.

We waited a long time for this day to finally come, and so now we must put the Nuud through its paces in order to find out if it's really the best waterproof iPhone 5 case on the market. Check out our full review right after the cut!

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Just Mobile AluRack Review

Mounting your Mac onto an external Apple Display can be a challenging mission, unless you have the right tool for the task. And we're not talking about duct tape. Just Mobile is one of our go-to names for all-things Apple accessories, and its got just the thing. The AluRack is a brilliant piece of kit designed to mount any MacBook or large external hard drive onto the back of your iMac, Thunderbolt Display or Cinema Display. Just Mobile's AluRack is clearly not the first of its kind to offer this sort of mounting capability, as we have already reviewed a similar mount, albeit with a limited mounting threshold, by Twelve South called the BackPack 2. The more robust AluRack mount would be a better alternative for MacBook Pro mounting in theory, but is it any good in practice? Find out in our in-depth review below.

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Think Tank Retrospective 7 Camera Bag Review

Gear bags are one thing, but when it comes down to carrying your camera gear you need a specific bag for the job. Think Tank has become a household name in the photo industry. Think Tank's Retrospective series of bags are notably the most popular of them all for their unique design and capable storage. Think Tank's latest shoulder bag is the Retrospective 7, a charming camera bag that hits all the right spots and can carry everything you need to shoot comfortably including your tablet or MacBook Air. We've got much more to talk about and so little time, so head past the break for the full review!

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Just Mobile Gum Max Battery Pack for iPad 2 Review

We love Just Mobile as much as we fancy all-things aluminum, and both make a great team to bring us some of the most useful accessories iDevice users can ever wish for. Just Mobile's Gum Plus was a cute little battery pack with a decent amount of juice packed into it to triple the lifespan of your iPhone but not nearly enough to bring an iPad to its maximum self. At last, we've got something that promises to fully charge an iPad or iPad 2 and still have enough power to keep on charging. Just Mobile's answer is the Gum Max. A supercharged, hyped-up battery pack with - close your eyes for this, 10,400mAh of sheer power waiting to be let lose on your iPad.

As always we're going to be the judge of that, so jump past the break for the full review!

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Tape Gear Cork Kindle Sleeve Review

You may have never thought cork could have many more uses then just a wine bottle "cork" but IT DOES. Tape Gear has been providing FSC approved cork sleeves since 2009 for select devices. They have recently expanded from only doing 4 selected device sleeves to 8 different select device sleeves. Today we will be reviewing the Kindle Cork Sleeve. Easy, simple, lightweight and also recyclable. If you happen to not have a Kindle you can pick up the sleeve for MacBook Pro, iPod Touch, Blackberry's, iPad 1 and 2, a wallet, and even a nifty business card holder. Check out the full review after the break!

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WaterField Designs iPad Wallet

There are a surprising number of people starting to use the iPad as a replacement for a MacBook, and that has also led to extended use of the Apple Wireless Keyboard in conjunction with the iPad. However, carrying a keyboard around was rather difficult, but WaterField Designs quickly released simple sleeve to protect the Keyboard while being transported. The iPad Wallet takes this idea one step further, becoming an easy to handle sleeve/case to carry your iPad, keyboard and other accessories while outdoors.

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