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Sensu Brush Compact Artist Stylus Review

So far we've managed to cover the two best basic types of styluses known to tablet users, the Bamboo and the Jot Pro. Sure you can get one of them fancy schmancy "smart" Bluetooth styluses with pressure sensitivity and palm-rejection features, but what if you're a devoted and self-proclaimed touchscreen artist? Something like this Sensu Brush should fill in that gap nicely we think. The Sensu Brush is a portable artist brush and a conventional stylus rolled into one body. If a true painting experience is what you're missing out on using your tablet, the Sensu Brush might be worth replacing your regular stylus for.

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Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad Review

Everyone and their mother wants a stylus these days. And who's to blame them when so many great new apps like Paper for iPad make it all that more enticing to start using a stylus. There's a stylus out there that's considered to be the elite of all that's styli, it's called the Bamboo stylus by Wacom. Wacom's vast expertise in making professional digital styli and pen tablets has a lot to say about the success of the Bamboo stylus. What do we have to say about it? Catch our full review down below!

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Tangram Smart Dot Stylus Review

Tangram's Smart Dot is the first smart stylus we got our hands on, and it's really quite extraordinary. Styluses are good at doing one thing and one thing only, replacing your finger. The Smart Dot stylus is a genius little gadget accessory for smartphones that's more than good for sketching, drawing and note taking. It's the first app enhanced stylus we've reviewed. With the help of an app, the Smart Dot serves as a powerful wireless presentation and input device delivering an entirely new user experience regular styluses long for. Sounds impressive, as long as it all works in practice that is. Catch the full review down below!

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Studio Neat Cosmonaut Stylus Review

Styluses come in many different pen-like shapes to help the tech savvy individual get ideas onto a touchscreen display more compatibly rather than using ones finger, preferably using a tablet or a very big smartphone. That large black thing above is the Cosmonaut. A stylus that was designed to be different. In a big way, as you can see. The Cosmonaut is made by Studio Neat, the makers of the Glif tripod mount for iPhone we honored with an Editors' Choice award. There's a quite a bit of hype orbiting this successful Kickstarter stylus, so what do we have to say about it you ask? Find out as we review and compare the Cosmonaut stylus down below!

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MicroStylus Jack Stylus Review

Before you get the wrong idea, no we didn't jack this stylus from a pixie. Meet the MicroStylus Jack. This is the world's smallest, tiny little, microscopic speck version of a stylus. And although we have seen and reviewed our fair share of capacitive touchscreen styluses, this one takes the cake in being highly portable. The questions is, can the MicroStylus Jack replace the need for much larger, traditional styluses? Find that and more in the full review after the jump!

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Just Mobile AluPen Pro Stylus Review

I'll be the first to admit it. I don't see the point of a stylus. Why use another extraneous accessory when you can just use one that you will always have with you - your finger. Since the launch of the iPad and other tablets and touch devices, the market for stylus accessories have exploded. A while back we took a look at Just Mobile's first generation AluPen... and we loved it. We return today with the AluPen Pro with some noticeable perks over its predecessor. What kind of upgrades did we find? Check out the review after the jump!

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Adonit Jot & Jot Pro Aluminum Stylus Review

Adonit's success came from its unique and truly innovative keyboard case for the iPad and iPad 2 called the Writer. Adonit really broke out with the success of the Writer thanks to Kickstarter, the great way of funding new ideas by the consumers themselves. It would only make sense to create a stylus for such a company that is mainly targeted at the iPad 2. The Jot and Jot Pro stylus are Adonit's latest product that has been successfully funded ahead of schedule thanks to the immense demand of people who loved what the Jot stylus has to offer. We've got a couple of prototypes of both the Jot and Jot Pro to review for you guys ahead of time. so jump past the break for the full review!

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Just Mobile AluPen Aluminum Stylus for iPad

I'm no stranger to the world of pen style styluses for touch screen devices. There are tons of styluses currently on the market but they are all very identical to each other. It seems like no one actually thought to change things up and improve the user's experience. When I first found out about the AluPen by Just Mobile I saw very big potential in it. The very familiar look brought back memories. The AluPen is an aluminum stylus for the iPad and other capacitive touch screen devices with one big feature, wide-grip. Is the AluPen the stylus to get? Find out in the full review right after the jump.

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