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JBL Clip Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker Review

In 2012, JBL introduced what was then considered to be the most impressive and highly portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that let users enjoy better sounding audio using their smartphone or tablet from a palm-sized device that could easily fit into a pocket. This time, the Clip by JBL is the company's latest travel and pocket-friendly offering that takes JBL's Micro speaker series of ultra-portable speakers to new heights with a more rugged and adventurous design. And although the Clip is just as small as its Micro Wireless predecessor and could be carried inside your pocket, its name suggest a more exposed means of transport. That's right, JBL's Clip features carabiner clip conveniently built into the top so you can practically hook it onto anything that can fit through its spring-loaded gate clip. Technically speaking the Clip is a wearable speaker. So should you consider picking one up? We think you should, but before you do, be sure to read up on our full and in-depth review down below!

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Boombotix Boombot Rex Review

Boombotix and its unusual, vinyl art toy looking Japanese-inspired Boombot2 speaker received a mildly hesitant review from us late last year for being an awkward, poor performing portable speaker that even a hipster could live without. Fortunately, some sense has been knocked into Boombotix because the company's latest offering is less indie and more of a predominant looking speaker that's promises better sounding lows with a side of awesomeness. Boombotix's new Boombot Rex is a dual-driver, bass woofer-armed, ultra-portable rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker you can clip onto stuff including yourself while skating recklessly around town or snow boarding down a gnarly slope to the tune of Shaun White's adrenaline filled playlist. Are you even active bro? If so, our full review awaits you down below!

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Bose SoundLink Mini Review

High-end speaker harbinger Bose, has recently released a much more compact and portable version of its successful $300 SoundLink wireless speaker appropriately named the SoundLink Mini. It's Bose's smallest wireless Bluetooth speaker that competes against offerings from some of the most notable brands in the ferociously competitive portable speaker category. The SoundLink Mini packs innovation, proprietary audio drivers and dual-opposing passive radiators that recreate Bose's signature deep sound beloved by most if not all humans. And if you've already seen our guide for the best wireless portable speakers, well then we've spoiled it for you. But if you haven't cheated already, then we've got a great comparison and review lined up just around the break. How does the SoundLink Mini compare to our top rated portable wireless speaker, and more in the full review down below!

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The Best Wireless Portable Speakers: The Definitive Guide

How on earth are you supposed to find a good quality wireless speaker when there's so many choices available? Luckily, you're not all alone because we're here to help you out. Convenience is key when considering a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker, but not every one of these well known brands actually puts out a solid package. Every speaker under the sun boasts how well it sounds when in reality you could end up using a speaker that really isn't as good as the next one over.

That's why we've created this special Gadgetmac Guide edition to help you with purchasing the best wireless portable speaker your money can buy. With a bit of audiophile juice running in our veins, we have managed to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary using our extensive experience handling these small noise making devices all whilst taking sound quality, design and user-friendly features into consideration. Split into two price categories, this guide lists the top best speakers you can take with you wherever you go, but not without having the intense power-to-size ratio needed to blast your tunes as well as the right performance that'll make your ears beg for more of that wireless audio goodness. Jump past the break for the full rundown!

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Ultimate Ears UE Boom Review

5.1 speaker systems? Who needs them. The only speakers being expeditiously released lately are portable Bluetooth speakers you can take along with you everywhere you go. Ultimate Ears, now a Logitech brand, are one of the many names fighting to sell you their own take on these self-powered speaker modules. You're in for quite a treat if you're shopping around for that awesome package of portable audio goodness because Ultimate Ears has recently come out with the UE Boom, a powerful wireless Bluetooth speaker capable of pushing out loud 360-degree sound to liven up your boring party wherever it may be.

Marketed as a versatile "life-resistant" wireless portable speaker with speakerphone features and oversized on-board volume controls, the UE Boom also carries an origianl design we think might land it a wireless speaker modeling contract. We said the day will come, and that day is today. JBL had a great run with the outstanding Flip portable wireless speaker, and now there's a new speaker on the block that we are thrilled to dive into. Head past the break for the full review!

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Jawbone Big Jambox Review

Ah yes, Jawbone strikes again with yet another sophisticated, beautifully designed product wanted by virtually anyone that takes a look at it. Jawbone's little portable Jambox speaker is all grown up now, make way for the Big Jambox. A wireless Bluetooth 'SmartSpeaker' that promises big hi-fi sound at $299. We love anything that Jawbone makes, who wouldn't? Jawbone's Big Jambox has a lot to give behind that massive metal grille, we go ears on with a full, in-depth review complete with droolworthy pics right after the big jump!

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