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Logitech TK820 Wireless Keyboard Review

The TK820 wireless keyboard is Logitech's latest all-in-one solution for Windows 8 users looking to take full control of the multi-touch gestures and capabilities that Windows 8 has to offer at a desktop, and even at a living room environment. The TK820 tout 6 months of battery life, and features a full sized keyboard layout flanked by a generously large built-in trackpad that although has been designed to work with Windows 8 and all of its 13 multi-touch gesture controls, will also play nicely with Windows 7. We've got a full review on this sleek new all-in-one device down below!

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Logitech K810 Illuminated Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The K810 backlit wireless Bluetooth keyboard has finally arrived. Spoiler alert, it's very impressive. And Logitech is the company to thank for. The one and only company we stand up for when we hear it has released a new keyboard. The K810 is a Bluetooth illuminated keyboard that plays nice with nearly every OS platform with no rivals in sight. Logitech's K810 isn't the first illuminated wireless keyboard of its kind, it is however, Logitech's first multi-functional compact Bluetooth keyboard to feature backlit keys and a smart feature set. We've been patiantly waiting for such a smart keyboard to arrive, and now we've got our paws all over the K810 to put it thru its paces. Be sure to catch our extensive review down below!

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Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac Review

Logitech's latest keyboard is wireless, slim and runs on free solar energy. Did we get your attention? The Wireless Solar Keyboard or K750 for short, it Logitech's first ever solar powered wireless keyboard and now it's available for Mac users. Oh yes, Apple's battery muncher of a wireless keyboard is in for some steep competition as far as I can tell. The world would be a better place if every wireless gadget was powered by the sun, thankfully Logitech is one of the few starting to implement good old solar power into consumer products and the neatest way possible. Find out if this $60 solar wireless keyboard is worth replacing your beloved keyboard after the break!

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