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Pelican ProGear S100 Elite Laptop Backpack Review

You've got a brand spanking new Macbook or iPad for Christmas, heck maybe you got both. If you love the feeling of smooth aluminum like we do, you've probably got a plethora of cases and protectors rushing in to keep it that way. Pelican wants your attention too with their ProGear S100 backpack that may just be what you need to finish off the necessary protection, especially if you're one for adventure. Featuring weatherproofing and crushproof hard-shell laptop casing, this backpack is built like a tank that can pack just about everything you'll need and keep it as safe as possible throughout the day. Check out all of what Pelican has to offer in our full review after the cut. 

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Chrome Bravo Rolltop Laptop Backpack Review 

This, I believe, is a company that needs no elaborate introduction. Immensely popular for their assortment of bags and accessories, Chrome Bags is the one to go to for high quality and durable bags. Fancy a bike ride through the mountains while battling a heavy downpour? While your personal safety cannot be guaranteed, whatever you choose to shove inside Chrome's newest Bravo laptop backpack will stay safe and dry. Trust me, this monster will swallow whole just about anything you feed it. Check out exactly how hungry this beast is down below!

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Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack Backpack Review

You can never go wrong with American made gear bags, and as far as we're concerned there are at least two namely companies worthy of mentioning one after the other, and those are Mission Workshop and WaterField Designs. And ironically enough, these two are practically neighbors stationed at the heart of San Francisco city. Where the weather is mental and carrying a laptop is a must. Mission Workshop's Sanction is certainly not just another backpack, it's an all weatherproof rucksack that has been constructed to last a lifetime; all whilst having that urban and military-esque appeal. Perfect for the a daily commute, may it be on a bike or a long and tiring trek no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you. The Sanction can carry your gear just fine, but can you carry the Sanction? Our full review awaits after the jump!

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