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Bluelounge Kickflip Stand for MacBook Pro Review

Have you ever wished you could adjust the typing angle of the built-in keyboard on your MacBook? Instead of having to sit down to type on a flat keyboard and tilt your display way back, you could use something as streamlined as the Kickflip. Bluelounge has come out with an ingenious way of adding elegant flexibility to Mac users using an adhesive-backed flip-out kickstand it calls the Kickflip. When adhered to the bottom of either a 13-inch or a 15-inch MacBook Pro with or without a Retina display using a strong yet removable and reusable adhesive goodness, forms a foldaway kickstand, which puts your MacBook at an elevated typing and viewing angle much like the small flip-out legs behind most keyboards – only that this thing an overpowered version of that. Our full review is right around the corner!

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Cooler Master NotePal Ergo 360 Adjustable Laptop Cooler Review

Whether it is video rendering, massive image editing, or hardcore gaming, laptops are inevitably going to heat up quickly and require some intense fan spinning action. Sometimes, that doesn't even help. Your MacBook feels like an oven anyways. Cooler Master is known for their computer peripherals and accessories, and their NotePal Ergo 360 Laptop Cooler is here to potentially save the day. Designed to keep your laptop cooler than usual during highly-intensive operation, the Ergo 360 does the job with a couple of interesting twists. The 360 in its name highlights the fact that you can spin your laptop 360 degrees while it is on the cooler and hidden underneath is a tablet holder as well. All of these unique features are begging for Gadgetmac's seal of approval. Check out the full review after the cut to see our final verdict.

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Moku Desktop Chair Wood Stand for MacBook Air & Pro Review

The Japanese sure do love their curves. Moku is a Japanese company that specialises in modern woodcrafting. Bending wood into curvy shapes is what Moku does best. Moku's Desktop Chair will make you think twice about going with the industrial aluminum machined stands that are so readily available and well, are so cold and lifeless to be honest. The Desktop Chair is much more versatile than other stands whilst keeping things simple and as minimal as a piece of white paper. There's more than meets the eye to this compact wood stand though, so jump over the hedge for the full review!

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