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Just Mobile AluRack Review

Mounting your Mac onto an external Apple Display can be a challenging mission, unless you have the right tool for the task. And we're not talking about duct tape. Just Mobile is one of our go-to names for all-things Apple accessories, and its got just the thing. The AluRack is a brilliant piece of kit designed to mount any MacBook or large external hard drive onto the back of your iMac, Thunderbolt Display or Cinema Display. Just Mobile's AluRack is clearly not the first of its kind to offer this sort of mounting capability, as we have already reviewed a similar mount, albeit with a limited mounting threshold, by Twelve South called the BackPack 2. The more robust AluRack mount would be a better alternative for MacBook Pro mounting in theory, but is it any good in practice? Find out in our in-depth review below.

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Twelve South HiRise Stand Review

The almighty Mac-only accessory maker they call Twelve South is at it again, striving to reach new heights with its latest and greatest HiRise. One of two available models for MacBooks and iMacs, the HiRise we're going to be taking an in-depth look at is a stand designed for iMac and Apple Displays. Hold on to your hard drives, because this is no ordinary stand, but a stand of epic proportions. Having only tilt and no height adjustment options, the iMac not always sits at a comfortable height that best suits your desk setup. The HiRise elevates either an iMac or Apple Display to best meet you on an eye-to-screen level. There's a lot more behind this striking marvel, and our full review is only a few inches below!

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Twelve South BackPack 2 Review

Twelve South's Mac-only accessories are admired by Mac users and desired by everyone else. Twelve South's original BackPack found itself being used across Apple stores and by many Mac users for its simple brilliance. Now that Twelve South redesigned the BackPack, the newly released BackPack 2 keeps all of the awesomeness that it was before and now offers new features that'll make you want it even more. The BackPack 2 is a one-of-a-kind storage shelf designed to mount and store all kinds of peripherals and gadgets behind your iMac or Apple Display for a better, cleaner desk setup. Besides the usual, the BackPack 2 can easily mount your MacBook Air behind an Apple Display rendering the more expensive BookArc useless. Lots more BackPack 2 goodness after the break!

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