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Rokform Rokpod Aluminum Case for iPod Touch 4G Review

For far too long have we neglected one of the most iconic handheld Multi-Touch gaming, music and internet devices on the planet, the iPod Touch. We've reviewed countless cases for the iPhone, many of which were made out of aluminum. Rokform isn't new to aluminum cases and we've even took a look at its unique Rokbed case for the iPhone 4 a while back. The company's latest and first aluminum case made for the iPod Touch 4G is called the Rokpod. An equally visually captivating aluminum case as the Rokbed. The full review is only a break away!

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Belkin Grip Graphix for iPod Touch 4G Review

Belkin has a wide range of cases to cover everyone's needs and preferences, and the Grip Graphix is currently the stand alone offering for those interested in cases made of silicon. Silicon cases are easier to put on/remove and generally feel nicer with a grippy texture, but lacks dent protection if dropped, and can move quite easily. With many different silicon cases on the market, is there enough to set the Grip Graphix apart from cheaper offerings? Find out after the jump!

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iSkin Touch Duo Case for iPod Touch 4G

The iSkin Touch Duo case shares many similarities with the Duo case for the iPad but further improve on protection. Replacing the black bezel outline found on the Duo case for the iPad is a hard plastic front shield that borders the iPod Touch 4G's screen. If you like belt clips and need some of that tough protection, you might want to check this case out and we have the full review after the cut.

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Power Support Air Jacket for iPod Touch 4G

Power Support have been producing their line of Air Jackets for several years now, with different versions for each iPhone and iPod touch model that Apple has released. It's a successful case that's been sold by Apple itself in-store and online, so it's no surprise that a new version is available for the iPod touch 4th gen. Is this case as good as it looks? Find out after the jump!

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SwitchEasy RebelTouch Case for iPod Touch 4G

Ah yes, the rebellion continues as SwitchEasy ports their famous CapsuleRebel case from the iPhone 3G/S, iPhone 4 and now it's the RebelTouch for the iPod Touch 4G. The SwitchEasy Rebel line of cases are one of the most distinctive looking cases to this day. There are very little cases out there that compare to the RebelTouch case in terms of design and looks and if you're looking to be different while getting some serious protection for your iPod Touch 4G, you might want to take a good hard look at the RebelTouch case. Catch the full review after the break.

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Inicpio Hive Gaming Case for iPod Touch 4G

iPod Touch 4G gamers rejoice! The Incipio Hive gaming case is here to give you some grip on that thin iPod Touch 4G of yours. This honeycomb silicone case will provide you with the outmost grip, but don't think you're going to go from noob to pro because of using the Hive case just yet. Catch the full review right after the break!

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Incipio Microtexture Case for iPod Touch 4G

The Incipio microtexture case for the iPod Touch 4G has got to be the grippiest case out there. Silicone and raised bumps give you an ultimate tactile grip of your thin iPod Touch 4G no matter what you do. The microtexture's texture feels exactly like a lizard's skin and has the grip power of Spiderman's fingers. It feels really good in the hand and it provides a great amount of protection to your iPod Touch 4G. Catch the full review after the break!

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