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Swann SwannSmart Home Security Camera Review

As you may have seen on the news lately, Apple devices are disappearing off people's porches and even homes. However, the few incidents which are caught on camera make for some great videos to post on YouTube, leaving it up to the public to catch the culprits. Swann's latest Home Security Camera, SwannSmart, may be just what you need if you're afraid that you'll be the next victim of an Apple device theft, or any kind of burglary for that matter. Head on past the break for the full review and see if it's worthy of our recommendation.

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Stem iZON Remote Room Monitor Review

Don't you just wish you could see and hear what's going on inside your home while you're away using your iPhone or iPad? Well it just so happens that Stem has come up with the iZON that will let you do just that plus more. The iZON is a remote room monitor, or wireless security video camera in more simple terms that will let you tap into a wireless video feed from anywhere in the world using your iOS device to check up on what's most valuable to you at any time whether you're connected to a WiFi or cellular network. Unlike expensive bulky home monitoring services and equipment on the market, the iZON offers an extremely affordable solution that combines multiple monitoring features into one user friendly, app driven remote room monitor. 

Of course that all means we've got to put the iZON to the test. Is it the must have gadget you should get? Find out after the break!

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iPhone 4S 8MP Camera Review  

The iPhone 4S with its new and highly regarded backside-illuminated 8-megapixel camera is a powerful piece of technology. Apple has improved the speed of the shutter and the tap-to-focus. It takes seconds to snap a beautiful and crisp photo! Using the tap to focus feature becomes very useful to get the shallow depth of field effect. It'll not match your DSLR but it's quite impressive for a smart phone camera. In some of the images below, you will notice different focus points. Apple went ahead and added the grid, which lets you compose better aligned shots. We've got full 1080p videos and an un-retouched photo gallery testing the iPhone 4S' well equipped back shooter waiting for you right after the break!

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GoPro HD Helmet Hero Camera With BacPac Review

Some of you may know GoPro as the leader of action sports mountable cameras, and rightfully so. GoPro has pioneered the sports camera for consumers over the years. GoPro cameras aren't just used by us amateurs, but most of all by professional athletes and filmmakers. The GoPro Hero HD camera shoots full 1080p HD video that captures both yourself and the world around you in one small, ultra rugged waterproof enclosure.  Need to mount a camera on say, anything? This is one camera you must have a look at. Let's take a look at what GoPro's HD Helmet Hero kit has to offer. Catch the full review right after the jump!

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OlloClip Lenses for iPhone 4S Review

Smartphone photography is only getting better and better each year with recent smartphone leaders such as the iPhone 4S and its improved 8MP back facing camera, it's no wonder why camera accessories for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are starting to gain speed. Demand is high for external iPhone lenses that can greatly help improve your smartphone photography. The olloclip was created with the tremendous help of Kickstarter funding, and now it's a reality bringing a unique high quality 3-in-1 lens attachment with a clever design. The olloclip has just about all you'll ever need to get some incredibly awesome shots using your iPhone with the ability to shot in wide angle, macro and fisheye.

This might just be the accessory that will make you think twice about carrying a DSLR with you. More after the break!

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Minox Classic Mini Digital Camera Review

Those of you who aren't familiar with Minox, it's a German company that specialises in making small classic replica cameras ranging from little spy camera gadgets to retro looking miniature digital cameras. The Classic Mini Digital Camera, or DCC 5.1 for short, is Minox's latest and greatest mini digital camera. Minox even goes as far as describing it as "a small masterpiece with huge performance". Well, we're going to be the judge of that. Photography junkies are bound to fall in love with such a pretty little retro camera such as this one. Photojojo was gracious enough to supply this tiny retro masterpiece-looking digital camera for review so jump past the break for the full breakdown!

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Dacha Works MOD 4 iPhone 4 Case Review

If you've got an iPhone 4, you already know very well of how capable your iPhone 4 is when it comes time to take pictures on a sunny day. The MOD 4 case for the iPhone 4 by Dacha Works is a simple back snap-on case with a vintage camera-style appearance. Dacha Works' first case for the iPhone 3G/S was all about the ergonomics and hand grip, but it turned out to be a disappointment once I got my hands on it. So now the MOD 4 case is here and it promises all the grip you could ever possibly want while taking those perfect shots. Hopefully Dacha Works ironed out all the kinks, and finally put a case worthy of the iPhone 4 out on the market. If you dig those vintage view finder camera like the Leica, you may want to stick around for the full review right after the jump!

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Joby Gorillapod Focus + Ballhead X Flexible Tripod Review

This is Joby's granddaddy of all Gorillapods. The Gorillapod Focus is the ultimate flexible tripod you can get and it's built like a tank, a flexible tank. The Focus is mainly targeted towards professional cameras and lenses weighing up to 5kg (11lb). Gorillapods are widely known all over the world because of their one unique feature, flexibility. You can get some awesome angles using the Gorillapod Focus whereas a traditional tripod couldn't help you. Is the Gorillapod Focus something worth investing in? We've got the full review right after the break to help you out. 

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