Vaja Ivolution Top Case for iPad Review

The Ivolution Top is one of Vaja's top cases that they have released. It is made out of smooth leather available in almost every color imaginable. It is handcrafted in Argentina to ensure best quality and fine craftsmanship.  The Ivolution costs $150 USD, but is well worth its value. No leather case is as comfortable in your hands or on your lap as the Ivolution. 

The Ivolution has a back piece that covers and protects the back of the iPad and comes up to the iPad's bezel. Then there is the front piece which attaches onto the front of the iPad to protect the iPad's screen while it is not in use. The front piece is also embellished with Vaja's silver logo, which adds a nice sleek look that  catches the eye. 

The Ivolution is great and seems flawless, but not quite.  The only minor flaw found in the Ivolution is that from being handmade, so it has a snug fit, which can cause some trouble when taking it in and off. Other than when the case is being applied, the Ivolution is the best case imaginable for its job.

Vaja demonstrates true dedication by using only the best leather made by real craftspeople. They have great service and make high quality cases.  But all this takes time, so you must wait 45 days for the made-to-order handicraft process to take place. The wait is well worth it though. And sure, it is expensive, but the leather serves as a luxurious cushion for the more expensive iPad. If you really have the money to spend and want an individual accessory to personalize and protect your iPad, Vaja even offers customization, which allows you to select a color(s), pick a style, add an image, and have your name stitched onto the case. 

The Ivolution crushes competition with its hand-crafted fine leather and protective fit. But with its snug fit, this case may not be for all people though. It may be for more dedicated users who carry their iPad around --  to, from, and at the office or the classroom --  or even for somebody who loves to spend their time reading e-books at the beach or at home. 




Marware SportShell Convertible For iPad

Marware's new SportShell Convertible for the iPad is a do-it-all case with a few issues. The overall style of the SportShell Convertible is a snap on case that clips onto your iPad leaving your bezel exposed. The biggest issue with it is, it's very hard to get on your iPad and removing it is even harder. By doing so, your iPad had a big chance of getting scratched because of how hard it is to insert and remove your iPad in and out of the SportShell Convertible. Also, there are many sharp corners and edges making it slightly uncomfortable to handle, and on the inside it is not completely smooth. The SportShell Convertible has a grainy plastic texture finish unlike the matte and rubbery iPhone 3GS version.

With all that said, the SportShell Convertible has many useful features like being able to be used as a stand with it's four fold-out hinges that can be set for a low angle typing that angles your iPad upward. Also, you can set a landscape viewing or display angle which gives you a great movie or video viewing position, and of course you can use that angle to display your photos. But there is an issue with this angle being unstable even on a flat surface such as a table. If you slightly touch the screen once it's in the landscape position it could tip over easily. With the SportShell Convertible you get two interchangeable back plates including the standard black cover and one clear cover that can be used to display you iPad's Apple logo and part of it's aluminum body.

The SportShell Convertible also has a removable and comfortable hand strap that helps you grip and secure your iPad when holding it. The SportShell is pretty lightweight and comfortable to hold but it could be a problem installing it on your iPad and even scratch it. Price $59.99.



STM Jacket For iPad

STM's Jacket for the iPad is a very useful carrying bag for the iPad with a sleeve design. The STM Jacket has a very modern look and is very slim even with extra pockets. It's made from a water resistant nylon with a very nice looking white dotted pattern. The STM Jacket perfectly fits the iPad insides it's soft padded interior that opens up using a zipper. If you're using a slim case with your iPad, it will fit very snugly into the STM Jacket. The STM Jacket is very well padded so your iPad will stay safe and secure from bumps and minor drops.

Having a protective bag for your iPad might not be enough for you, so with the STM Jacket you have three extra pockets and come in handy. On the front of the Jacket there is a slip pocket for your iPhone that is lined with soft material. Also, there is a larger pocket with a zipper that can hold your cables, charger and whatever you might need. On the back of the Jacket you will find a slip pocket that's made to hold your documents and even a magazine, preferably a gadget magazine. The STM Jacket is very comfortable to carry around and it even has a very comfortable grab handle. If you choose, the Jacket also comes with a shoulder strap that's detachable. With all these options, the STM Jacket still manages to stay very slim and lightweight making it one of the best carrying bags for the iPad. Price $24.95.



Etymotic HF5 In-Ear Earphones Review

Etymotic's HF5, are one of the most popular in-ear earphones in the audiophile world. The HF5 are exactly like the Etymotic HF2 model, except the HF5 do not have a headset feature. The Etymotic HF5 are one of the best sound-isolaters I have ever tried, and this is all thanks to the outstanding ear tips Etymotic provides. So if you are looking so a good pair of earphones that sound fantastic and block almost all outside noise, the HF5/HF2 are for you. Full review after the break.

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RichardSolo 1800 Smart Backup Battery

We all know the iPhone has very short battery life and for most of us that's a big issue. Now you can almost triple your iPhone battery life with Richard Solo's 1800 Smart Backup Battery. After using the 1800 for quite some time now, I was able to to get about two full charges out of it. The 1800 features a red laser pointer that is very mediocre but gets the job done if you actually need to point at something, as well as a bright and strong white led light that I found extremely usable. The 1800 battery has the same form factor as an iPhone and is very well built. To charge your iPhone or iPod, you simply connect the 1800 straight into the Dock Connector and a blue light indicates charging. Although there is no way of turning off the blue indicator light or the 1800 to stop charging your device. There is an On/Off switch on the back that only controls the laser and led light. You can use your iPhone or iPod while the 1800 is connected, however it's uncomfortable because of how that 1800 is directly attached making your device much longer.

The 1800 stays securely attached to your device. If you're not using a case with your iPhone, just attach the clear clip provided to get a stable tight connection between your iPhone and the 1800 Backup Battery. You can charge the 1800 Backup Battery by using the provided retractable USB cable with your computer or by plugging it into the wall charger. I would recommend the 1800 with cable version as it's a lot more comfortable and versatile. Richard Solo's 1800 Backup Battery is a great gadget to have. The Richard Solo 1800 Backup Battery only has a capacity of 1800mAh, which is somewhat pricy. With the 1800, included are iPhone/3GS adapters, a two-port USB car charger, ac wall charger and retractable USB cable. Price $69.95



Wrapsol Protection For iPad

Wrapsol scratch-proof protection are a great way to keep your iPad scratch-free and also keep the original anodized aluminum look with Wrapsol's matte protection films. Applying the Wrapsol protection onto the iPad takes some time but once you get it on it looks amazing. In the process I've managed to get a few air bubbles that I could not squeegee out. However, you do need to let your Wrapsol set for at least 24 hours. And once I did, all the air bubbles have disappeared leaving a smooth and clear surface. There is only one issue with the Wrapsol protection film I got for the iPad, It was not cut to fit correctly and I had a very hard time aligning it because of that. It turns out it was a little shorter on the bottom but that should be fixed by Wrapsol soon.

Wrapsol are currently the only company to offer a matte finish to their protection films which I personally love. If you would like a glossy and non-matte finish to your device, Wrapsol also offers the Wrapsol Ultra. A Wrapsol protection is a must for your iPad's backside to help keep that beautiful aluminum from scratches and scuffs. Wrapsols are made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime replacement warranty. Every Wrapsol protection kit includes a fantastic soft microfiber cloth, a non-marking flexible rubber squeegee and a liquid spray application solution. Price $34.95.



Incipio DermaSHOT Silicone Case for iPad

The DermaShot by Incipio for the iPad is a great and sleek looking silicone case with perfect curves and cuts. The DermaShot has the same exact look and construction as the 1337 iPad case by Incipio minus the added gaming grips. One big con to the DermaShot is it's very flimsy around the edges. Every time you would place your fingers on top of iPad's bezel with the DermaShot on, the edges will peel back making it very uncomfortable and annoying. The silicone is very soft and grippy and will not attract much lint. The DermaShot has the honeycomb-like insides to help keep itself very lightweight and with a thin form factor, allowing your iPad to be used with most carrying cases. Other than being a very flimsy silicone around the iPad's bezel, the DermaShot is a very comfortable case to hold with fantastic cutouts for all the ports and covered buttons. The Incipio DermaShot provides excellent scratch protection as well as minor drop and impact protection. The DermaShot is available in four colors and comes with a clear screen protector as well as a cleaning cloth. Price $34.99.



Macally MetroLPad

Macally's MetroLPad for the Apple iPad, is a hard protective shell case with a rubber silicone edge. The MetroLPad is lightweight and has a clear hard back with a grainy texture to it that shows off your iPad's back casing. There are a few cons about this case one being the rubber rim. It's very stiff and makes it a major pain to insert your iPad into the case itself, taking out your iPad is equally if not harder. Once you get your iPad into the MetroLPad, the rubber silicone does not evenly cover the iPad's aluminum bezel and giving it a bad front look. Using the MetroLPad, I did not notice any added grip by the rubber silicone edge. The MetroLPad does however give you great protection against scratches and minor low hight drops. Ports are fully accessible and buttons are easily responsive.  Also the MetroLPad has four clear little bumps in the middle of the back to help make your iPad stable if you wish to set it on a flat surface such as a table. Other than the very stiff and hard rubber rim, I found the MetroLPad to be a great hard shell case. I really hope Macally fixes this issue very soon. Price $29.99.


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