Cyber Acoustics Leather iPad Folio Cover

Cyber Acoustics's Leather iPad Cover, which is more of a folio type case for the iPad has a very simple smooth design on the outside. On the inside there is a very smart mounting system for the iPad which is made from clear rubber that neatly holds and presents your iPad to you once you need to use it. This rubber mounting system looks like it would also provide a little shock protection from back bumps to the case. This leather folio actually feels protective because it's slightly padded unlike other folios. The front and back of the folio are pretty tough and hard so they seem to provide a good amount of protection. The leather quality isn't the best but it's definitely sufficient if you don't care much for high quality leather. The insides are lined with felt material which isn't super soft but it gets the job done. You can use the inner hand bungee strap on the inside of the flap which you flip over and secure it in place by two little straps, for when you want to hold your iPad by sliding your hand thru the strap. This actually provides some security and grip. 

Switching to the typing angle works flawlessly and it provides a great steady typing angle, I'm actually typing this review using my iPad with this folio and I find it to be comfortable. The front flap slides into a back slot and allows you to use both the typing and upright functions of the case. When it the upright landscape angle, the case is fairly steady even while using the screen lightly. If you want to use your iPad normally, you can flip the front flap over and back while using both the bungee straps to secure the flap to the case itself, this works the same way when you want to fully close up the case. This folio isn't the slimmest on the market and does add some bulk. While I really like the rubber grip mount that securely holds the iPad in place, it could lift up any screen shields you might have installed on your screen. Whether if you have the Leather Folio closed or opened, you've got full access to all your iPad's ports and buttons without any obstacles in your way. You can currently pick up your Cyber Acoustics Leather iPad Cover only in black leather. Price $39.99.


WaterField Keyboard Slip for Apple Wireless Keyboard

WaterField's Keyboard Slip is one of the most simplistic covers that gets the job done wonderfully. The Keyboard Slip is made especially to fit the Apple Wireless Keyboard that many of you may use on a daily basis and some may even travel with it. Why would you need this cover you ask? A simple answer would be to protect and keep dust, lint and whatnot you have inside you travel bag, pack or backpack away from your Apple Wireless keyboard keys. Chances are that if you put your keyboard into your pack, it could get scratched from various things you might have inside and of course unwanted little debris. The Keyboard Slip is a very simple yet good looking slip pouch for your keyboard that is well padded with ballistic nylon and light liner padding. It's very well made and the quality of the materials feel great. You have the option to change the color of the outline piping (pictured in white above) to a different color from the main canvas color, but the main canvas always stays black. 

When you insert your keyboard into the Keyboard Slip, you will get a tight fit that is very secure even when the top opening always stays open, your keyboard will not slip out by itself. Even while the keyboard is inside, the Keyboard Slip manages to stay slim which makes carrying easy and comfortable. It does what it does and it does it well. If you're someone who has to have a cover for every gadget he or she own, then you just can't go wrong with this one. The Keyboard Slip is available in 6 outline colors with a price tag of $29. 


Yoobao Denim Folio for iPad

This Apple iPad folio is for all you denim lovers out there including Steve Jobs himself, although I would think he would still prefer his own Apple iPad Case instead, or maybe no case at all? This is the Yoobao Denim folio for the iPad which comes to us directly from China at a pretty good price for what it offers. The Yoobao Denim folio has a denim fabric all around the outside with a pleather trim, there isn't any padding or fabric on the inside but instead you will find some more pleather. The Yoobao Denim isn't the bulkiest of all iPad folios and it still looks pretty slim for the functionality it offers. With the Yoobao Denim folio, you are able to flip over the front flap which is held by a three small magnets to enclose the flap to the rest of the folio and slip it into the back slot (which is designed just like Apple's iPad Case), to transform into a stand for both typing and widescreen viewing angles. I found that the typing angle worked the best and was actually comfortable and very solid, however this is not the case with the upright widescreen viewing position. A flap on the inside keeps your iPad securely in place by being tucked underneath just like Apple's iPad Case.

You will need to break in the case a little before you can sit it upright on a surface for it to not want to tip over. But even after all this it could still tip over easily by pressing on the touch screen. I would only recommend this angle to view movies without having to touch the screen.  The Yoobao Denim folio has all the cutouts for your ports and buttons even while you fully close the folio for transport. You will get some minor drop protection but nothing much to expect here because there isn't any padding or shock protection. The Yoobao Denim is also available in other textures and colors with a price tag of $28. You cannot go wrong at this price. You can find yourself one by clicking the link below.


WaterField Designs Smart Case for iPhone 4 (Bumper version)

WaterField Designs's Smart Case for the iPhone 4 is one tough pouch. The Smart Case I've been sent is made to fit an iPhone 4 with a Bumper case on, but it still offers the same protection as the slimmer Smart Case which fits the naked iPhone 4. Now, right away you can feel how ultra padded the Smart Case is with it's multi-layered padding that incorporates a high-impact, rigid insert. The Smart Case is lined with very soft Ultrasuede that helps protect your iPhone even more. This case is simply designed to protect your iPhone from drops and bumps and it does a great job at it. Once your insert in your iPhone, it will stay in there until you decide you need to quickly use it. There is only one top opening that does not close but due to how snug your iPhone will fit inside, it is not a problem. You still get access to your silent/vibrate switch, power button and headphones jack. The Smart Case has a very simple design and micro square texture to it on both sides with soft leather trim on the sides. Depending on the fit you choose, the Smart Case that is made to fit the iPhone 4 with a Bumper on will be very bulky. The Bumper Smart Case version will also work great with other slim cases.

The craftsmanship is just outstanding, you will not see any visible stitching on this slip pouch. The Smart Case feels very good in the hand and this micro squared texture even adds some hold grip. All Smart Cases come with a low-profiled stretchy pocket which can be used for cards, money and even earphones. Now if you are looking for great drop protection for your iPhone, I would recommend the Smart Case pouch. There are a few choices of colors and sizes depending on if you want your Smart Case to fit your naked iPhone or iPhone 4 with a Bumper or similar slim case. Price $39.


ZooGue Smart Case for iPad


PhantomSkinz Matte Protection for iPhone 4

The iPhone 4's smooth and shiny glass back looks extremely good but without any fingerprints on it, and as you all know, it's a fingerprint magnet! So what we have here is a matte body protection kit from PhantomSkinz which makes these clear skins as do many other companies out there. With this matte skin not only will it give you that extra scratch protection but it also get rid of those everyday finger prints while adding this matte textured finish to your iPhone 4. Now even when this matte film protects against scratches and finger prints doesn't mean you can eat some oily fries and not have any finger prints show up. The PhantomSkinz require a wet installation which took me only a few minutes to flat out some air bubbles with a plastic card and I was done. It was a very easy installation and I was left with a great looking finish to my iPhone 4's back.

Depending on your choice of protection kit, I also installed the matte side band protection all along and that was a piece of cake as well. I would highly recommend getting the matte version as it helps with finger prints, give you some slight grip with it's grainy texture and it also looks pretty awesome. The film has a perfect cutout for the camera and flash so no need to worry about that. The PhantomSkinz do not come with any application solution, but you only need to dip the films it some water and dish soap and you're ready to apply them, you can also use a spray bottle if you have one around to make it even more easy. The PhantomSkinz are exactly what you would get from other similar known brands out there. The Matte Full Body Kit will run you $24.95 for a back, sides and front protection and $15.95 for just a Matte Back protection.


SwitchEasy Colors for iPhone 4

SwitchEasy Colors for the iPhone 4 is a very simple silicone case with a unique home button add-on. The first thing you will notice straight away on the Colors case is this very delicious looking home button. It's raised up and colors slightly different from the actually case coloring and it's pretty shiny unlike the matte silicone texture of the case itself. This jelly-like looking home button is very responsive once you press it but it doesn't give you much feedback, however it is still very fun to press! The Colors silicone is very grippy and feels great in the hand, it also seems to be a high quality material. I was surprised to find out that the Colors attracted little to no lint, I would think that the black color will show off lint a little more. The overall fitting is tight and form fitting, but I should note that the sides of the case will eventually begin to expand outwards and that might effect the overall fitness. Currently the Colors case is holding up great and my fingers do not peel off the side rims outward.

The Colors offers great protection but minimal drop protection due to it's non-bulkiness design and pretty thin silicone. With the Colors, SwitchEasy provides you with matching port covers to protects your headphone jack and Dock Connector ports from getting any dust and dirt inside them, as well as water. I find these port protectors to be very useful as they blend in seamlessly with the case. Cutouts for the camera and flash are perfect and wide and so is the cutout for the silent switch. While all the buttons are covered up, they stay very responsive and easy to press. Also, the Colors come with two clear screen protectors which fit perfectly and even have a cutout for the front facing camera. The Colors cases are available in 9 colors and come with X2 clear screen protects, X2 headphone port cover and X2 Dock Connector port cover. Price $14.99.



SwitchEasy Nude for iPhone 4

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