GelaSkins for iPad 

One of the best ways to customize your iPad's looks is by applying one of the unique artwork decal skins by GelaSkins. As you can see above, this iPad looks pretty good. The best thing about GelaSkins is that their skins are made from a high quality 3M material that does not leave any of that sticky residue behind and it's also extremely easy to apply. You will notice the criss cross texture these skins have, and that allows for any trapped air bubbles to easily be pushed out from underneath. The GelaSkins are a fantastic way to change up the looks of your iPad while benefiting from scratch protection without any added bulk. You can also use GelaSkins' DIY custom skin process where you can upload your own image or picture. If you happen to mess up the installation, you can easily reapply the skin onto the surface many times until you get it just right.

You also get the front facing skin to apply to the front of your iPad's bezel. The only issue with this is that if you've got a screen protector applied to your screen, you will need to know that if you apply the front bezel piece of the GelaSkins, it will lift off the screen protector once you decide to remove it. Price $29.95.

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DefaultCase Case for iPhone 4

DefaultCase have stirred up some buzz lately about their $0.01 cases for the iPhone 4. These perforated snap-on cases for the iPhone 4 cost only one cent, yes you read correctly. DefaultCase are trying to get their name out there about their brand by selling their cases at a ridiculous low price. This is just a temporary deal to get the word out though, so I would definitely jump on this if you're into these type of cases. The DefaultCase is purely outstanding for it's current price. You might be thinking that the quality will be downgraded but this isn't the case at all. The DefaultCase for the iPhone 4 feels and looks great, it's got a matte soft-touch finish that's helps with grip while instantly attracting peoples attention. 

These perforated cases are very easy to snap on the iPhone and provide moderate protection without any added bulk. You don't need to worry about taking off any back skins you might have already on your iPhone in order for the DefaultCase to fit correctly, it's compatible. I would recommend a back skin just because the little holes will get some dust into them and that might even scratch the back of your iPhone. The DefaultCase has nice rounded edges and provides a nice lip for a lay-on-the-table design. Your iPhone will stay unprotected at both ends and you need to be a bit more careful about that. The only issue I came across is with the volume cutout, it's too small too reach and makes it harder to press down on each button. This cutout should definitely be bigger. The silent switch is easy to get too. If you're known to drop your stuff, you would be better off with a tougher case such as Case-Mate's Tough case. 

I would highly recommend snatching up a DefaultCase for your iPhone 4. The DefaultCase is available in white, black, green, blue, red and pink. Price $0.01. Note: This price will not last forever. 

Update: If you're planning on using your camera flash, the DefaultCase does indeed affect the camera flash and will diffuse it's color onto your image. Using flash with the DefaultCase on, is useless.

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Case-Mate Tough Case for iPhone 4

Iv'e always been a big fan of Case-Mate's Hybrid Tough cases for the iPhone, and now we have the popular Tough case for the iPhone 4. The Tough case does not disappoint in it's tough name, this is one tough case for the iPhone 4. The Tough case is a two part hybrid case that consists of a hard ABS plastic shell and a soft thin silicone skin to absorb shock. With these two materials combined, you get some awesome protection from drops and bumps. You would think that this case would add a lot of bulk to your iPhone but it really does not. Because of the thin silicone layer, the Tough case is about 1/2 of an inch thick and you really get a pretty non-bulky case that provides some great protection. Installation is so easy that it will take you a few seconds to put on the Tough case on your iPhone 4. And once it's on, you immediately feel that extra tough protection and security that was just added to your iPhone.

Not only does the Tough case pack some serious protection, it looks pretty futuristic with it's back pattern. You will notice that it has this texture on the hard ABD plastic shell, which provides outstanding grip. This matte hard shell also feels very smooth and soft to the touch. There is a very nice lip on the the screen from the silicone rim which provides a great lay-on-the-table design. Ports are all easily accessible. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered by the silicone layer and are very responsive. The camera cutout is nicely cut and does not affect the flash. The bottom part of the Tough case is also nicely cut to easily fit 3rd party sync connectors.

You can use any back skin or decal with the Tough case without any issues. The back of the Tough case does not attract any lint but the silicone parts can attract some. The only issue I came across was that the bottom piece of the silicone under the home button is a bit flimsy, and that's because of the thinness of the silicone layer. However this should not affect your everyday use. Case-Mate includes a decent clear screen protector which is a nice addition to have especially when you don'y already have one. I would highly recommend the Tough case. Available in black, gray and white. Price $34.99.

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PadStand Stand for iPad

This piece of rubber slob will hold your iPad surprisingly well. The PadStand is a very simple yet effective iPad stand that will allow your iPad to be docked in both landscape and portrait positions. There are not height or angle adjustments, just one simple angle that works well for viewing just about anything on your iPad. The PadStand is a very solid slob of rubber that provides a stable docking solution. Not only does the PadStand work as a simple stand for your iPad, it's flat hump is angled so that you can lay your iPad on top of it for typing! Because the PadStand is made out of rubber, it provides a good grip on most surfaces as well as the iPad, with or without a case. The only downside to it is that it is not compatible with an iPad that has a case on. I've tried using an iPad with the SwitchEasy NUDE case, which is one of the most thinnest cases available, and it will still not fit properly. 

So if you're looking so a simple and affordable stand for your iPad that also provides a nice surface for typing, the PadStand is a great choice. The PadStand comes in five colors. Price $17.99. | 


Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi

The SuperFi 5vi are a great sounding pair of in-ears. They deliver very detailed and clear sound for all music genres but they do lack a bit of bass. Those of you who need punchy and deep bass, the SuperFi 5vi will most likely not feed your hunger and will leave you wanting more. With that being said, after hours of burn-in time, the sound did improve a bit and so did the bass - still not deep but certainly sufficient for most people. The SuperFi 5vi are also a headset for the iPhone and BlackBerry with an inline mic and controls. The single button control cannot control the sound volume but only play/pause music and videos. When listening to music, you can double click to skip songs. You can answer calls, end calls and to bring up voice control on iPhone you simply click and hold for two seconds. 

A great thing about the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi is that they come with Comply foam ear tips for maximum sound isolation and comfort. After using these foam tips, you won't want to use any of those regular rubber ear tips anymore. What's so good about these foam tips is that they fit everyone's ears perfectly because they form inside your ear to it's shape and block almost all background noise. I should note that after about a month of everyday use with the foam tips, you will need to replace them with new ones. 

The build quality could be a bit better. The SuperFi 5vi feel a bit cheap but they do look stunning. The cable is a tangle-free cable which works well. It's a bit thin but feels very durable so I wouldn't worry about it when exercising. You can wear these in-ears over your ears or under depending on your style. Half of the right monitor is colored red for easy and quick left/right identification, which is a very useful little detail. 

The SuperFi 5vi are one of the most clearest sounding pair Iv'e listend to. This allows for very detailed and undistorted or muffled sound. While they do lack in deep bass, I would highly recommend them. With the SuperFi 5vi included are: a hard carry case, Comply foam tips, various sized silicone tips and an ear war cleaning tool. Price $189.99. Available on Amazon for less.


SGP Leather Pouch Vintage Edition for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Leather Vintage Edition Pouch has got to be my most favorite leather flip style case for the iPhone 4. I've had this same exact case for the iPhone 3GS and it held fantastically well for over a year and counting, so I've got high hope for this iPhone 4 version. This leather case does not disappoint one bit, it's got great quality soft leather with a vintage look to it and it just holds up very well with use. The special thing about this vintage leather is that it shows your everyday use and scuffs easily, it's a very unique look. The name is a bit confusing because it is not a pouch really, it's a flip case with a flap that is reinforced with plastic to give you more protection for your screen when in your pocket or not in use. The iPhone 4 fits very snuggly inside and it feels very secure. 

The build quality is superb and it is fully hand made. Not only does this case look great, it offers great all around protection. The only exposed parts of your iPhone 4 are the middle side parts, however there is a nice lip on both top and bottom of the case make the iPhone recessed, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. Iv;e been using this case for quite some time now and I did not experience any issue. The flap closes very securely onto the top of the iPhone without harming it because of the soft lining it has inside, and while the flap is closed your speaker and mic are uncovered as well as your sleep/wake button and headphones jack. 

The SGP Leather Pouch has a generous cutout for the camera and flash and if that is not enough, SGP includes flash defuser rings that simply attach to the metal camera ring and greatly reduce any flash glare from entering the camera lens. You can use these rings with any other case or even without a case, and they work very well. I think that is a huge plus that SGP includes these flash defusing rings. While this case isn't much of a shock absorber, it will do great for most light drops and bumps, and of course it will protect your iPhone 4 from getting scratched. You do need to note that when you use your iPhone with the flap down, your front screen and sides will be exposed. You will need to get used to handling the case with the flap over and back, and once you do, it won't bother you so much. You can also just have the flap open without flipping it back and that also works well. You can get the SGP Leather Pouch without a logo on the front as well as in other colors and leather types. I would highly recommend SGP's Leather Pouches for the iPhone 4. Price $45.99.


Padster Bag for iPad

Padster isn't your ordinary iPad bag, it's more than that. The Padster is custom fitted to carry your iPad as well as other documents and accessories you might need for your travels. The Padster bag is made from high quality materials that you just notice right away after first using it. The flap that covers the front of the bag is fully made of quality soft leather and it has a nice heft to it so it does not move around at all when you're on the go. The whole design is very straight to the point giving you fast and easy access to your important main compartment where your iPad is. The way the iPad is held inside the Padster is by a padded neoprene sleeve that will also fit most slim cases including the Apple iPad Case. In the interior of the Padster you will find a large zippered compartment and a few individual pockets for various items. There are also two large zippered compartments on both sides of the Padster, the front being covered by the leather flap. 

The Padster is a simple, sharp looking slim bag which goes very well with both casual and business attire. Carrying around the Padster is comfortable even though it's strap is not padded, however it all depends on the weight carried and since the Padster is made to carry your iPad with some accessories, it won't be an issue for most people including myself. The strap feels very well made and the nylon material is nice and thick, which in term provides great long term durability. The Padster's exterior are made from high quality 1680D ballistic nylon that covers most of the back side, sides and middle bottom with cotton-blend lining. A soft-milled full grain cowhide leather covers both bottom sides and of course the front flap. 

The Padster bag feels very well made and it just works flawlessly on the go. I really love the quick and easy access I have with the option to even more securely zip up my main compartment for when I don't need to access my bag often. I was able to fit my iPad with my Apple Wireless Keyboard as well has a charger and some paperwork with much more room to spare. There are no obtrusive logos on the Padster except for a pair of unnoticeable embossed written logos on both the side strap anchors. This bag is the most useful and stunningly great looking iPad bag Iv'e seen and used. Price $165.

Padacs Largo iPad Case

Padacs currently have several iPad folio cases available for purchase, and today this review focuses on their newest addition to the lineup, the Largo iPad case. This case is similar in design to the Incase convertible jacket, as both cases have a fold-back mechanism that allows the iPad to act as a stand very securely. This case is available in black and tan, and is made of synthetic leather. The front flap is secured by an elastic band, so this may either be a plus for people who are worried about using magnets, or a negative for those who would find it annoying.

The case stands by having half of the back side folding back on itself and resting on the cover side of the iPad (looking at the pictures below will be much easier). Unlike the Incase that uses grooves in the base to rest the iPad in, this case has a line of small Velcro teeth lined along the left hand side. These Velcro teeth are unnoticeable, and they work by gripping onto the soft lining that covers the base. I was slightly skeptical at how well this design would work, but it turns out that it is very stable and you can easily press the screen without moving the iPad while in stand mode. The only downside to this kind of case is that because it has to be more stable, the case will take much more space on a desk (unlike the Apple case which only has a small portion of the case on a surface). The typing mode is a decent angle, but is it not quite as sturdy as cases that uses the Apple case function. This case does add some bulk to the iPad, so when looking around for a folio case you should consider how much the thickness will affect you.

The outer layer synthetic leather feels nice and doesn’t smell like some other cases do, while the inside fabric is soft enough not to scratch your iPad. On the down side, when the case is placed down with the cover folded directly back, the inside material can attract some dust and dirt, although not to the extent of the Apple case. The iPad is slid inside from the spine side of the case, and secured by two small elastic straps that are secured with Velcro. This elastic is also what is used around the other sides of the iPad to keep it in. I found that the elastic and inner fabric takes away from the business type look of the case, and the elastic provides limited protection for the sides of your iPad. A large percentage of the iPad’s sides are exposed, so if you’re looking for a completely covered case, this might not be the one for you. On a positive, the border around the iPad leaves approximately 1cm of the iPad’s black border exposed, so for those don’t like cases that come all the way up to the screen, there’s no problems here. All ports are accessible and relatively easy to reach.

The Padacs Largo case is generally stylish looking case, with a good stand function for those movie lovers who wish to keep the iPad upright. This however comes at the price of added thickness, and you should consider whether you care about having the sides exposed. It is available for $54.95AUD from Padac’s website.

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