SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel case for the iPhone 4 is one of the meanest looking cases you will ever come across. You might be familiar with SwitchEasy's Capsule Rebel series for past generations of the iPhone, these cases have always been somewhat mean looking and very unique as well. The CapsuleRebel for the iPhone 4 brings back the familiar looks of the series with a slightly redesigned spine that is made from a very hard and sturdy polycarbonate which feels very tough, SwitchEasy calls it the "UltraFrame". More after the break.

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Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad

The Twelve South Compass is one of the most portable iPad stand available. Unlike the BookArc stand I reviewed from Twelve South, the Compass allows you to fully interact with your iPad in all it's modes. Just like any product made by Twelve South, the Compass looks stunningly beautiful even when it's sitting it it's packaging. The Compass is made out of metal and has a pretty hefty weight to it though still very portable since it has a foldable design that helps keep it slim yet very sturdy. 

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SwitchEasy TRIM Case for iPhone 4

The SwitchEasy TRIM case for iPhone 4 is one pretty unique case, nothing too surprising coming from SwitchEasy that is known for their very unique case designs. The TRIM does no disappoint in both it's design and quality. Of course some may not fancy the TRIM's look and feel but I can assure you that it is a great protective case for the iPhone 4. You can say that the TRIM is a bit of a hybrid case because it is made out of two different materials, a semi-transparent hard polycarbonate plastic back and a semi-soft frame which feels like a TPU material but I'm not sure. 

This semi-soft frame feels a bit like glossy rubber and because of how it's designed (which reminds me of an accordion) it provides you with excellent grip. Your fingers have such good grip because they get in between the grooves on the sides which may be a bit sharp to those who are very sensitive, but nothing to worry about really. These grooves also provide excellent shock and bump protection to your iPhone 4. 

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Griffin Elan Form Graphite iPhone 4 Case

Griffin Elan Form Graphite for iPhone 4 is a two piece case the combines a synthetic carbon fiber texture with a slim form factor. The Elan Form Graphite is fairly easy to install onto the iPhone 4 and I had no trouble taking it off too. The case securely snaps into place using the two pieces, the back cover and the front bezel rim which fully covers the iPhone 4's metal bezel and provides some great lay-on-the-table design. Griffin did a fantastic job at coating the inside surface of the Elan Form Graphite with a rubbery soft touch coating that I see will help protect your iPhone 4's glass back from getting scratched.

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iSkin Revo4 Case for iPhone 4

I have been a long time user of the original iSkin Revo for the first iPhone for about 2 years, and that case has been thru so much and kept my iPhone safe and sound for such a long time. It's amazing how after that much time, the Revo held up so well it could have served me for many more years. And now we have the new iSkin Revo4 case for the iPhone 4. This case is one of my favorite cases of all time for the iPhone, and the iPhone 4 version is just as good as past generations. The Revo4 is a very tough silicone case that offers complete protection for your iPhone 4. 

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Monster Clean Touch 

After reviewing Monster's iClean which is a very similar cleaning kit to the new Clean Touch, there are a few differences between the two. The new Clean Touch is primarily made to be used for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPod screens but you can also use the Clean Touch on other touchscreen devices. What's unique about Monster's Clean Touch is that it will apply a light anti-finger print coating that will eliminate most finger prints after your clean your screen. Don't think that you're going to have a fingerprint free screen after using the Clean Touch, it does actually work by reduce the amount of finger prints you will have on your screen after cleaning it and it certainly is much better than just a normal screen cleaning solution. The Clean Touch won't hurt your screen's coatings because it's alcohol and ammonia-free.

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Aviiq Portable Laptop Stand

The Aviiq is a very portable and foldable laptop stand that is made from aluminum. I must say that this is the ultimate portable laptop stand I have ever used, it's so thin and lightweight it looks like it might not be as stable as a laptop stand should be, however that is not the case. The Aviiq is rock solid when it is set up and will hold a 15" laptop without any issues what so ever, up to a 17" laptop. The way that this stand works is it's basically a flat piece of aluminum sheet that has a flexible polycarbonate insides that let you easily fold it for portability. There are two rubber feet that lock thru the base once you fold it out to it's stand position. 

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BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset

I have to say that I've had the chance to test out a few good popular Bluetooth headsets from Jawbone and others, so when BlueAnt introduced their newest Bluetooth headset called the Q2 which we have here for review, I thought it would be just another ordinary and modest headset but after using it for a while I quickly found out that it actually is the best Bluetooth headset I've ever tried hands down. The Q2 by far has the best sound and build quality both while calling and even when listening to music! Yes, with the Q2 you are able to listen to your music should you want to, and let me tell you that music sounds pretty damn good for a Bluetooth headset. More after the break!

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