Belkin Envelope Case for iPad

A short while earlier, I posted a review on Belkin’s iPad sleeve cases line up, and today I have another case that fits into the sleeve category, but this one is unique compared to the other three. The Belkin Envelope case for iPad focuses on a business style look with the simple function of keeping your iPad safe while transporting it to and from your home. The outside of the case is made of synthetic leather, but it looks very classy and does not have any distinct smell to it. The case has white stitching going around the edge of the case and a flap at the top of the case to prevent the iPad from falling out. The inside is lined with a VERY soft felt-like material, and I can’t see any way how it could cause scratches to your iPad.

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SwitchEasy NUDE Case for iPad

The NUDE by SwitchEasy is an ultra thin case that provides protection for the back of your iPad without adding any bulk what so ever. The NUDE is only 1mm in thickness and it really lets you enjoy your iPad as if it was naked. This is a high quality back cover without any sharp corners or edges, it's cut perfectly to fit the iPad. You've got easy access to your buttons, dock and orientation lock switch. Even the speakers cutouts are precisely cut. The NUDE provides great protection against any harmful scratches or dents being made to your iPad's delicate aluminum. Your iPad's back is fully covered by the NUDE's hard polycarbonate as well as all around the iPad's sides. The only thing the NUDE will no protect is your iPad's front screen. There is not lip over the bezel so you need to take note of that. While the NUDE is mostly a back cover case for the iPad, it is highly recommended. The neat thing about this clear version of the NUDE is that you can have a skin like the GelaSkins installed on your iPad's back side, and showcase it off.

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Sena Argyle Pouch for iPhone 4 Review

The Sena Argyle has got be the most amazing and elegant looking pouch for the iPhone 4. It combines italian leather and embroidered argyle pattern for a very sophisticated look, not to mention it's a big attention grabber. Typically with pouch style cases you cannot have any other case on your iPhone 4 in order for it to fit into the Argyle. The Argyle has a very snug tight fit which is a very secure so your iPhone 4 will not slide out by itself. You can however use a back skin and a screen protector on your iPhone 4 with the Argyle without any problems. At first the Argyle has a very tight fit and requires you to push a but hard to insert your iPhone 4 inside. After a week or so of daily use, the Argyle will break-in a bit to completely form fit the shape of the iPhone 4 which will make it easier to fit.

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SGP Ultra Silke R Case for iPhone 4

SGP's Ultra Silke R case for the iPhone 4 is a simplistic form fitting silicone case. The Ultra Silke R is a great case for the money that includes SGP's popular screen protector as well as flash diffusing rings. I really love the look and feel of the Silke case although it doesn't add much grip, it doesn't attract any lint to itself because of the smooth high polymer coating. The Silke form fits nicely to the iPhone 4's design and lines and doesn't add any bulk to it which really lets you enjoy the original size of the iPhone 4. You will be happy to know that the camera and flash cutout is widely cut and does not interfere with the LED flash or image at all. Even though SGP includes flash diffusing rings with this case, they are not even necessary to install. Buttons are fully covered yet stay very responsive to click. The dock connector has a generous cutout with divided speaker and mic cutouts. The silent switch is also easy to get to. The Silke provides a slight lip over the screen should you want to place your iPhone 4 face down.

You will notice some added silicone on the back for extra protection but because this isn't a bulky silicone case, I won't recommend it for drop protection. The Silke does a good job protecting the iPhone 4 from scratches, bumps and daily use. You can get the Ultra Silke R case in five colors. Price $19.99.


Timbuk2 Quickie XS for iPad

The Timbuk2 Quickie XS is a great protective carry bag for the iPad that offers storage for accessories. What makes the Quickie a great protective bag is it's inside padding that consists of foam-like studded surface for impact protection. You can carry the Quickie by it's stow away carry handles or just use it as a sleeve. The Quickie has two front storage pockets which are covered by a flap that uses velcro to secure it self. The placement of the front facing pockets allow for storing your cables, power brick and other small accessories. On the outside, the Quickie is made from a nylon fabric which I do not know if it's water-resistant or not, so if you need a weather-proof bag for your iPad you should probably look at Timbuk2's other offerings. 

The iPad fits nicely inside the Quickie with some room to spare. Now this is a slight problem because the iPad does move around a bit inside when you're carrying it inside and I'm not sure you would want to put anything other than your iPad inside the compartment. The Quickie XS doesn't seem to be made to exactly fit an iPad. While it the Quickie XS offers some good protection and accessory storage for daily use, it fails to fit the iPad like it actually should. Since the Quickie XS came out for the iPad, Timbuk2 made some newer Envelope sleeves for the iPad that I would recommend taking a look at. Price $45.


Case-Mate Venture iPad Case


WaterField Designs Trackpad Slip for Magic Trackpad

The Trackpad Slip is a sleeve for the Apple Magic Trackpad that is made from a ballistic nylon material with colored trim edge, which adds a nice touch. This is a very simple yet very effective sleeve for the Magic Trackpad. In case you did not know, the Magic Trackpad has a thin glass touch surface and the Trackpad Slip provides extra protection for when you're on the go. The fit and finish of the Trackpad Slip couldn't be any better, the Magic Trackpad fits snuggly into the Trackpad Slip and stays inside very secured. The interior is lightly padded with soft felt to keep the slimness of the sleeve to a minimum. The Trackpad Slip is relatively thin but it actually feels like it would protect your Magic Trackpad even from a fall. If you often take your Magic Trackpad along with you, I think the Trackpad Slip would be a great way to protect your Magic Trackpad. The Trackpad Slip is available in six trim colors. Price $25.

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PADACS Executive Leather and Generation iPad Case Review

Ever since the iPad was released there has been a plethora of cases on the market. Made by PADACS, the Generation iPad Case and the Executive Leather iPad Case are 2 more in the iPad case market. Both cases are in the same style as the iPad case made by Apple, i.e. like a book. Also like the Apple case, there is a flap on the back where you can bend the front of the case around to put it in either the typing mode or the display mode. A neat feature of these cases are that when you close the case, there is a magnet in the end so the top doesn’t flap around unnecessarily and stays closed. Very nice.


Both cases are made of very high quality material and that is the only difference between the cases. The Executive case is as you could guess, is made out of black leather, and it is very high quality at that. Which makes it have a very premium feel to it, and it feels great! On the other hand, the Generation iPad Case is a mix of denim and white synthetic leather. Weird mix but it works. The texture of the external part of the case is very nice and the softness and smoothness of the inside is great. Overall, both cases are very nice to hold and use. Also, all the external buttons and speakers are exposed and are really easy to get to. However, with everything, there are some issues. But, I can only find one. The issue is to do with how the case actually touches the iPad on the left hand side. In short, it doesn’t. I presume this is caused when the flap that keeps the iPad secure in the case is in, it pulls the material at the top which then causes the case to lift slightly on the left hand side. Now, it is not that catastrophic as it only lifts up from the iPad about 8mm and it went away within a week of use.

In conclusion, both of these cases are good. They are both very durable, protective and stylish. But if I had to choose which one is the best, I would have to say the Generation case. Mainly because of the denim material. For me it is a lot nicer to hold and is better feeling for me. Also, as it is not made fully out of leather, it is quite a bit lighter as well.

PADACS is now shipping all of their products to the US & Canada with free shipping within the US starting September 17th. The Executive leather case is $53.95 and the Generation case is $47.95.

PADACS Executive Leather Case PADACS Generation iPad Case

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