Incase Ping Pong Case for iPhone 4 Review

Incase is a Well Known Brand in the world of cases and covers for Apple products. Recently They released the new Ping Pong Case, a TPU case that has the design of a ping pong paddle. It comes in 4 different colors and retails for $29.99, putting it in the sweet spot as far as price. Its closest rivals are the PixelSkin HD by Speck Products and the NGP by Incipio. Lets see how Incase's new product stacks up. 

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Case-Mate Fuel Max Battery Case for iPhone 4

Worry no more, the Case-Mate Fuel Max is here to juice up your iPhone 4 so you can keep tasking away all day long. The Fuel Max is Case-Mate's largest battery case capacity made for the iPhone 4 besides the thinner Fuel Lite which has about half the battery capacity of the Fuel Max. The Fuel Max brings along a hefty, bulky form factor due to it's somewhat large battery capacity of 2000mAh. It's no doubt that the Fuel Max is firstly designed to provide you and your iPhone 4 with a good amount of extra battery life. 

Even with all of the bulkiness that is the Fuel Max, it remains comfortable to hold. Having the Fuel Max in your hand is like handling a soft comfortable brick. Read more for the full review after the break!

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Audyssey Audio Dock Review

It's not everyday you come across an audio dock that completely changes your opinion on these small, not so good looking and sounding audio docks. Audyssey isn't new to audio, in fact they are the makers of sound systems for movie theaters, home theaters, recording studios, cars and more. The South Of Market audio dock is Audyssey's first standalone product for consumers, and their first audio dock is simply amazing.

If I could express how the South Of Market audio dock looks, let alone sounds, I would say it's stunningly beautiful in every way possible. Catch the full review after the break!

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Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

This is the most flexible and durable tripod around, meet the Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 from Joby. You may already know these grippy creatures from Joby's other widely known tripods like the Gorillapod made for larger cameras like DSLR's. The Gorillamobile is built exactly the same way as all of Joby's tripods but in a smaller scale made exactly to hold the weight of the iPhone 4 but also other similar small point-n-shot cameras using the supplied adapter should you choose to use your Gorillamobile not only with your iPhone 4. This is an extremely versatile tripod unlike any other, it can be manipulated in many ways to wrap around various objects like bike handles, poles, railings, branches and whatever else you need to place this tripod on in order to get the perfect shot. More after the break!

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Beyza Cases Retro Slim Vertical Leather iPad Sleeve

Looking for that elegant high quality leather sleeve for your iPad? Beyza has you covered with their Retro Slim Vertical leather sleeve for the iPad. This is no ordinary sleeve, it's made from a high quality full grain leather that feels and smells amazing. You might remember seeing us review Beyza's leather pouch for the iPhone 4 a while back and thought it was one of the best leather pouches available. Unlike the iPhone 4 pouch, the Retro Slim Vertical sleeve for the iPad isn't as padded. See more after the break!

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Rearth Ringke for iPhone 4

Photobucket The New Ringke by Rearth is one of the better Silicone cases I've come across for the iPhone 4. It retails for $16.99 on their website and its available in a plethora of colors. Its a really slim case and the case is shaped exactly like the iPhone 4 itself, it goes as far as to putting the notches of where the antenna is on the device.

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SGP Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 4 Review

The SGP Ultra Thin is one of the better cases on the market which are currently available for the iPhone 4. In the package you have so much included for the money you are paying. First off all, you get the case of course. You have a Steinheil LCD film protector, a nice little microfiber cloth, a logo protection film because of the cutout on the back of the case which shows off the Apple logo and 10 pieces of LED Flash diffused reflection protector which should solve the flash issue, that is if you have any issues which is very unlikely.

It's a snap on back cover for your iPhone 4 but you will say, " Hey I've seen a similar case like this. Why is this one unique?!? " Well, first of all I haven't seen a case which is better fitting, I mean it fits perfectly. The cutouts, the form-factor and the overall feel of the case will remind you of the iPhone 4's original design. 
One of the reasons I love this case is that it doesn't scratch easily but it's a fingerprint magnet. Also if you go for the black version, I think it will show the fingerprints more as well as the dust specks. It adds a little bit of grip but it doesn't add bulk to the phone so you can enjoy it's original design. More of the review after the break.

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NOCS NS200 Earphones With Remote And Mic

It's no doubt the Swedish know how to make good sounding earphones and headphones. Nocs are a Swedish in-ear and headphone maker bringing us well designed audio products like the NS200 earphones that feature a remote and mic compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Macs. The NS200 are Nocs' first model out of three others. The Nocs NS200 feature dynamic drivers which produce a very warm and full sound with beautiful bass that brings every song you're listening to, it's own beats. The NS200 are constructed from aluminum for maximum durability and have superb built quality. Full review after the break!

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