Power Support Protective Films for iPad Review

If you’ve ever purchased a protective film for an Apple device, chances are you’ve heard of Power Support. The United States based company has well respected screen protector products available for iPhones and iPods, and they’ve transferred all the awesomeness of their previous products into their protective films for the iPad. Like past products, there are two types available, the clear ‘Crystal Film’ and the Anti-Glare Film. For the majority of iPad owners, the anti-glare should be the more appealing option, as anti-glare protective films have certain qualities that are superior to clear films. Both films have the same properties as films of the same type from other companies, but it’s the quality of each property that is most important in choosing a protective film.

For those who aren’t familiar with anti-glare films, their main appeal lies in the reduction of glare, reduction of fingerprints, protection from scratches and dust, and the matte finish of the surface. So how does the Power Support film perform? First off, let me tell you that I had one of the easiest installations in a long time with this film. It only took a couple of minutes, and the result was absolutely no dust or air bubbles underneath the screen, and pretty much perfectly lined up. The film went on easily, bubbles were easily eliminated, and the single dust speck that stayed under was swiftly and easily removed using the cello tape method described by Power Support. The film is precision cut, and I found it to be a very appropriate size, not too big so that it leaves absolutely no room for error, but not too small that it compromises in protection.

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OCZ Vertex 2 SSD Review

One of the major ways to increase your computers speed and effectiveness is by upgrading your regular hard drive to an SSD (Solid State Drive). With increased speeds, some other major differences in upgrading to an SSD drive are the fact the an SSD drive is completely silent where as a regular hard drive has moving parts in it which cause all those annoying noises and clicking sounds you most definitely hear when you are working with a laptop computer. The OCZ Vertex 2 SSD is a fantastic upgrade drive that comes in a 2.5" form factor for laptop computers as well as a 3.5" adapter bay for non-laptop computers. Catch the full review after the jump.

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PADACS Ergonomic iPad Stand

PADACS Ergonomic iPad stand is great iPad stand that is not only made out of quality materials such as aluminum, it is extremely functional as well. As soon as you open the box you can see that as it comes folded flat in a neoprene carrying case which makes it very easy to carry around next to your iPad in a bag or briefcase because of the extra protection of the neoprene case.

The stand is very easy to assemble, even though it does have many stages. The grey bits at the side pull out to support the iPad when it is in landscape mode, and pulls in when the iPad is in the portrait orientation. The stand has 6 angles of elevation enabling you to see the iPad from any angle. And the iPad feels extremely stable in all positions, landscape or portrait. The stand places the iPad on a foldout rubberized ledge to stop it moving around and keeping the iPad stable and secure. One thing that is really nice, is that the ipad is not clipped in so it is easy to remove unlike some other iPad stands.

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Padacs iPhone 4 Case Lineup


We have reviewed several outstanding products by Padacs, a company that brings consumers low cost, quality accessories for Apple products, and today we take a look at some of Padacs’ iPhone 4 case lineup. There are three cases here, the Storm, the Plexus and iPhone 4 Bumpers. Each are very dfferent from each other, with the Storm being a play-through case, the Plexus being a snap on shell, and the latter being simple rubber bumpers.

The Storm case for iPhone that I received was the clear version, although Padacs also offers a blue version. It is a semi hard silicon case similar to the feel of the Belkin Grip Vue, and the back has a wavy designs of dots. When put on the iPhone, the design was more prominent, and contrasted the iPhone’s glass back quite nicely. The case has a slight lip over the front sides, although not quite as much as many cases. Functionality wise, the case has integrated button covers, which do line up well and are fairly easy to press. It’s got a decent sized opening for both the headphone jack and the cable connection, while the mute switch is also easily accessible. The hole for the camera and flash is also nicely shaped, and should not interfere with any photography. The only downside I saw with this case was that in my hand, it just felt a tad bit like cheaper quality silicon. Most people probably won’t notice it, but perhaps it is just because I’ve become accustomed to the glossy Grip Vue case. However, at a price of $9.95, it’s hard not to consider this as a case for you.

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ModulR iPad Case And Quick Stand

ModulR is the ultimate iPad case, but not by itself. The ModulR iPad case is the most versatile iPad case by connecting to various accessories from ModulR like the Quick stand that allows you to quickly transform your iPad with the ModulR case into a stand for typing and also for viewing movies and displaying pictures only in the widescreen position, although you can position it in a portrait angle too but it's not meant for that. The ModulR iPad case alone is a pretty good case but it does not come with any of the accessories which make it worth buying like the Quick Stand and the Slim Mount (both made from metal) to mount your iPad on a wall using of course the ModulR case. The way the ModulR iPad case works is it has four low-profiled pegs on the back which latch onto various ModulR accessories and click securely into place. I must say that the ModulR iPad case with the Quick Stand are a match made in heaven. The angles are not adjustable but are perfect for typing and viewing movies. You can set the Quick Stand in a typing position but simply flipping around your iPad on your desk. Once you have the Quick Stand latched onto your ModulR iPad case, it will stay on very secure and will allow you to fully interact with your touch screen without worrying about it tipping over or wobbling. There are rubber feet on the Quick Stand and four back pegs on the iPad case that won't scratch your desk and will proved some grip.

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Philips O'Neill The Stretch Headphones Review

What you are looking at right now is Philips and O'Niell's collaboration to make the most durable headphones yet. You might be thinking this pair of headphones look a bit strange with their dual headbands but it turns out that these pair of headphones are the most comfortable I have ever tested. The Stretch due in fact have a strecthable headband which flawlessly form fits to the size of your head, it almost feels like you're putting on a futuristic pair of headphones on your head. I could not say enough about how flawlessly the stretchable headband works -- it just works perfectly. The moment you put on The Stretch headphones on your head you will how comfortable they are, and they don't even put any stress or tension on your ears and head. This unique stretchable headband does not require any clicking or measurements allowing you to quickly enjoy your music.

Another plus about The Stretch headphones is that they are closed-air meaning they block outside sounds and noises, and they work very well on that part to isolate you with your music without any batteries or fancy noise-cancelling add-ons. The Stretch actually block more outside noises than the popular Beats By Dr. Dre Studios. With The Stretch you get a tangle-free nylon cable that has a break-away detachable design in case you forget you have your headphones on and move away from your audio source. While this is a tangle-free cable, it does tend to curl up a bit but quickly straightens up.

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Beyza SlimLine Stripes Pouch for iPhone 4 Review

If you are a fan of pouches or even looking for that perfect pouch for your iPhone 4, you should look no further. The SlimLine by Beyza is one of the most amazing leather pouches on the market. This case has the most soft, high quality leather I've felt by far. Right out of it's protective pouch, the SlimLine pouch wows you with it's sharp looks and that strong leathery smell. It's very well padded yet slim and not bulky. You can press down with your finger on the leather and feel how it absorbs your input a little. This shows you how protective it is when you have your precious iPhone 4 inside. 

The SlimLine pouch almost covers your entire iPhone 4 leaving the top side and a bit of both sides open so you have an easy access to your silent switch and top sleep/awake button. Your bottom dock port is also opened and will allow access for most 3rd party accessories. Also, the dock port cutout is used to easily and quickly push out your iPhone 4 out of the SlimLine pouch. You can easily slip in your iPhone 4 into the SlimLine pouch and the fit is very precise but will also allow for any back skins as well as any antenna band skins which is great to have when you're using your iPhone 4 with a pouch. 

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Belkin Envelope Case for iPad

A short while earlier, I posted a review on Belkin’s iPad sleeve cases line up, and today I have another case that fits into the sleeve category, but this one is unique compared to the other three. The Belkin Envelope case for iPad focuses on a business style look with the simple function of keeping your iPad safe while transporting it to and from your home. The outside of the case is made of synthetic leather, but it looks very classy and does not have any distinct smell to it. The case has white stitching going around the edge of the case and a flap at the top of the case to prevent the iPad from falling out. The inside is lined with a VERY soft felt-like material, and I can’t see any way how it could cause scratches to your iPad.

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