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AM Mist + Spray Screen Cleaning Blocks Review

AM is responsible for some of the world's most innovative cleaning products designed exclusively for cleaning filthy gadget screen. We were never as excited about screen cleaning as we are now. Although you may not have heard about them, AM has been around for decades making cleaning products for record and cassette players. The company resurfaced late this year with a brand new line of colorfully fun and unique cleaning products suited for today's tech lifestyles. AM has quite a few options for laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop, keyboard users and even TV viewers, but one screen cleaner immediately stood out to us.

We've got our hands on the Spray and Mist, AM's mystical all-in-one solution for eliminating all that "schmutz" on your touchscreen devices whilst sanitizing them too. With a bit of Apple and Danish thrown in, AM's all-in-one cleaners are appealing enough to wet our taste buds. So be sure to jump over the break for the full review where we put the Spray and Mist to the ultimate test of cleaning our gadgets to a squeaky clean finish.

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JBL Spark Wireless Speaker Review

JBL's most recent speaker offerings can only be described as creatively ambitious. From the Pulse to the Voyager, and now the Spark, JBL is pushing ahead with some of the most uniquely designed and innovative speakers we've seen yet. But we're here to talk you about the Spark, not the AllSpark, but JBL's new and trendy Spark speaker. With a unique funky translucent design which just so happens to be Harman Kardon's signature weapon of design language choice, the Spark brings a visually fun play on wireless speaker styling. Jump into our full review to find out what we think about JBL's Spark, and how it compares to other wireless speakers!

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Spigen Tough Armor Case for Retina iPad mini Review

The Tough Armor case for the iPhone 5s has won Spigen our esteemed Editors' Choice Award, and now there's a Tough Armor version made for Apple's new and powerful iPad mini 2 with Retina display. Spigen's toughest iPad case ever is once again claiming that its the slimmest case that provides even more protection than other bulkier cases out there. Judging by our past experience with the Tough Armor case for the iPhone, it's easy to believe that the iPad version of it will impress no less. And in fact, as soon as we slapped it on our iPad mini we knew that it would be added to our all-time favorite cases for Apple's new powerful pico-sized tablet. With that said, the Tough Armor isn't perfect and it indeed comes with a few caveats worth reading about before pulling that quick-scoping trigger of yours. So be sure to jump over the hedge for our full in-depth review of the new Tough Armor case for the iPad mini!

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id America TouchTone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

That’s right, id America has brought its own portable speaker to market called the TouchTone. This touch controls-featuring compact speaker is looking to compete up against some incredibly known brands in the audio world. And at $80, the TouchTone is asking for a piece of Ultimate Ears' ultra-compact and nicely balanced Mini Boom speaker, JBL's all-too familiar Flip speaker and many more that plague the shelves of electronic retail giants and the likes of Amazon and other online retailers.

But what does a case company have anything to do with audio gear? We asked the same exact question numerous times before, notably when Incase launched its line of headphones more than a year ago, we questioned the accessory brand's ability to put out decent sounding headphones. Needless to say, we were astounded by how amazing Incase's Sonic headphones actually turned out. So before we doubt another case company's ability to expand its line of products, we are giving id America's first ever speaker an honest shot as we go ears on with the new TouchTone portable Bluetooth wireless speaker. Be sure to head past the break for our full review!

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Element Case Rogue AL, Flight 5 iPhone 5s Cases Review

We hold a special place in our case-loving hearts for Element Case purely because it's a company that time and time again releases innovative cases that are out of the ordinary. Joining Element Case's ever expanding armada of premium cases is the Rogue AL case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. And it's one of Element Case's boldest designs to feature a heavily ruggedized approach. Despite having a hybrid construction that offers full drop and impact protection, the Rogue AL is said to still be as nimble and as lightweight as a regular everyday case. The Rogue features some really impressive material construction that includes genuine carbon fiber and aluminum.

And to balance things out a little, we'll also be taking a look at Element Case's Flight 5 case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 - which could very well be the perfect minimalist and slim case for the carbon fiber enthusiast. Be sure to examine our full review to find out how these two cases really perform in practise.

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JBL Pulse Wireless LED Speaker Review

Although it never really left, JBL is back in the game with yet another speaker offering. And you guessed it, it's completely wireless, portable and shaped like a 30oz energy drink can. But there's a wicked twist. The new Pulse by JBL comes with its own built-in LED light show that grooves to your tunes as it turns any boring environment into a lit-up party. Or if you're all by yourself, the Pulse does make a great mood lighting gadget you can turn on in your home or anywhere other than your humble abode. More importantly, the Pulse does not disappoint with its audio performance. But should you pick one up when there are some stellar alternatives at similar price points? Be sure to catch our in-depth review where we will put the Pulse and all of its glowing frontage head to head with some of the best wireless portable speakers out there.

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Draco Design Ventare A Aluminum iPhone 5s Bumper Case Review

I may or may not have had a case-gasm just now. Why would I say such absurdity you ask? Only because for the last two weeks, I've been testing out Draco Design's latest and greatest case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 - the Ventare A. This glorious piece of hybrid awesomeness is full of one-of-kind angular detailed curves that’ll most likely get you all turnt up. Whatever that means.

The company has been consistently tweaking its original all-aluminum Draco IV bumper case since its inception back in 2011, and the most recent result its Draco Design's most ambitious one yet. With the Italian superbike powerhouse Ducati on board as a co-developer and official brand licensor, Draco Design's Ventare A is the beautiful result of this joint madness. One part machined aerospace-grade aluminum, one part polycarbonate plastic. The two form a hybrid build that is said will not degrade reception like Draco Design's previous all-aluminum offerings. Catch the full review down below.

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Apple iPad Air Smart Case Review

With the release of the redesigned iPad Air, Apple has also made sure to design two new official accessories for the slimmer and narrower tablet. And like before, Apple has released a redesigned and enhanced Smart Case follow-up along with an iPad mini-inspired Smart Cover made to the iPad Air industrial design specifications. Sadly though, Apple hasn't learned anything from Microsoft's brilliant keyboard cover ideas this time like we had hoped it would, and instead of creating some refreshing new offerings, it has brought back the same old Smart Case and Smart Cover accessories albeit with somewhat negligible improvements compared to earlier iterations.

Today we're going to cover Apple's Smart Case for the iPad Air which is also out for the original and Retina iPad mini. It's Apple's new leather folio-style case with an unsightly price and predictable set of features. Should you get one, or would you be better off with some third party equivalent? You're one click, and a few scrolls away from finding out!

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