Fugoo (Style, Sport & Tough) Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Fugoo is perhaps the most impressive and intriguing portable wireless speaker system brands to be introduced into the consumer audio market. Not only does the Fugoo Wireless Speaker boast the best battery life ever to grace such a compact and hardware-rich portable speaker with an incredible 40-hours of wireless music streaming, but it also stands out with its ingenious and very much effective interchangeable "Jacket" styling concept, and impressive speaker driver "Core" design that is extremely durable in its waterproof construction, yet packs a massive punch of audio awesomeness which we did not see coming. Did we mention the shockingly good battery life and unbridled hexa (meaning six) speaker driver engineering? How about the fact that the Fugoo speaker can be mounted onto practically anything thanks to modular GoPro-esque accessories and a just do it attitude?

From unsullied chic to all-terrain extreme toughness, Fugoo's swappable exterior Jacket enclosures let you choose which way and how hard to rock out without ever losing sight of audio quality nor inner speaker core durability. Let's find out how it stacks up against the competition, if there's any to begin with. Hit that imaginary button for the full, in-depth review.

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Logitech Ultrathin (2014) Keyboard Cover for iPad Air & iPad mini Review

Putting your tablet to good use now are you? Typing away on that virtual on-screen keyboard, no tactile feedback to greet your every tap. It must be awful. Not to mention the amount of space on-screen keyboards occupy, robbing you from a true desktop typing experience. But what if we were to tell you that writing out a full essay using a tablet such as the iPad Air or even the iPad mini at a near-desktop level with nothing but an ultra-thin cover to take along with actually possible.

All you need is Logitech's new and updated Ultrathin (also unofficially referred to as the Ultrathin 2), the company's best magnetic keyboard cover for the iPad Air and iPad mini to date that features a built-it physical Bluetooth keyboard you only need to recharge once every three months. It's a much improved version of its predecessor the original Ultrathin – a finer tuned magnetic clip-on cover with improved viewing angle flexibility compared to its predecessor. The updated model is also thinner than its predecessor at 6.4mm (0.25-inches), which is also thinner than the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. And thanks to its rigid aluminum construction, the Ultrathin 2 is also 2/3 of the weight of iPad. Sounds promising to say the least. As always, you can find our full and in-depth review after the jump! 

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Rubix Augment Case + Charge for iPhone Review

Always find yourself with a near-depleted iPhone battery, lots of spare time and no wall socket to plug into? Two very helpful solutions are already widely available such as the battery case and the ever so popular backup battery charger. But the problem is that battery cases are bulky, heavy and impede on the way your device functions. On the other hand, most backup battery chargers charge your device separately requiring a cable to be used, often times come in very small capacities or are quite large and cumbersome to carry in your pocket. There has to be a better way, right? Rubix, a newly launched case brand, thinks that it has solved this problem with its rather unique and cleverly designed Augment Case system.

You see, it’s a divergently engineered protective case with a modular battery attachment module design called the Augment Charge. It’s a case and a battery module designed to connect seamlessly with one another in order to save space whilst letting you use a slim and lightweight protective case when you’re all juiced up. It really is as Augment describes - a “seamless integration of power and protection”, without the bulk and uninspired styling. We were given an exclusive first-look at Rubix's Augment Case and Augment Charge before their official release, so be sure to check out our full in-depth review down below!

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Bose FreeStyle In-Ear Headphones Review

Although it never really disappeared, Bose is back with a new and refreshing line of audio gear designed to be more stylish compared to the company's previous mundane yet iconic products. The newly redesigned SoundTrue series of on-ear and over-ear headphones, which replace Bose's tried and true AE2i model, are being offered in a wide range of color styles and two-tone designs. And then there are the FreeStyle in-ear headphones, Bose's most pretentiously designed headset yet. But don't worry, unlike the SoundTrue they aren't going to be replacing the MIE2i or the SIE2i models anytime soon. Instead, the FreeStyle are an amalgamation of the two. They are Bose's most stylish, sweat-resistant earbuds the company has ever put into mass production. Offered in two acceptably garish yet excitingly different paint jobs, you'll either really like them or won't be able to stand the sight of them. Either way, we have got an in-depth freestyle review for you just a scroll away.

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Jabra Rox Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

Jabra. Hearing the name will make any tech-savvy person think of a Bluetooth headset. Jabra is famous for its headsets for one reason, they're one of the best on the market. And like Jawbone, Jabra has recently made a push towards portable wireless speakers and even headphones with its Solemate and Revo series, which combine decades of experience in voice communication technologies. Jabra's new Rox Wireless are the company's first wireless stereo Bluetooth 4.0 in-ear headphones to offer users a more discrete and familiar way of listening to music compared to the behind-the-ear design of the Jabra Sport Wireless+, along with more advanced features and improved battery life. The Rox Wireless pack impressive wireless headset pedigree and high-definition Dolby-enhanced audio capability into a relaively small impervious form factor. But will it be enough to face steep competition from notable rivals such as JayBird's BlueBuds X and Plantronic's affordably priced BackBeat Go 2? If you're looking to stream your music wirelessly with the added benefit of ultra-portability, you should definitely tune into our in-depth Rox Wireless review after the jump!

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CalypsoCrystal CalypsoCase Cabrio Case for iPhone 5s Review

Over in Slovenia, CalypsoCrystal is making a different kind of iPhone case, handcrafting one case at a time using meaningful materials. CalypsoCrystal's new CalypsoCase Cabrio is another high-end and very much premium protective case made for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s using elegant materials like beautiful genuine Italian leather merged with the rigid qualities of a machined aluminum chassis. It's certainly a very different kind of CalypsoCase compared to the hard leather and titanium sleeve-type we liked so very much back when we reviewed the very first CalypsoCase variant for the iPhone 4S. The CalypsoCase Cabrio edition encases your device with the same luxury and sophisticated style, but it's a proper case that protects and gives you instant access to your iPhone without having to pull it out of a separate protective accessory. The question is – will it be worth your $159/€139 investment? Let's go find out!

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Phosphor Touch Time Watch Review

You may know Phosphor as the brand responsible for numerous digital watches made with highly legible curved E-Ink displays with eye-catching punchy contrast, and large bold numbers. But Phosphor's latest watch release doesn't come with an E-Ink display. Instead of a paper-like ink display, Phosphor's new Touch Time watch utilizes a low-power always-on touch screen display that is so energy efficient it is powered using a regular ubiquitous coin-cell battery that can last a whole year without ever having to charge the device like a conventional wearable. And much like a Pebble smartwatch, the Touch Time is Phosphor's first touch-sensitive watch to integrate smartphone-esque apps and customizable watch faces. Sounds interesting, but is it as good as the Pebble at $159? Needless to say, we have put the Touch Time through its paces to find out if it's worth the asking price. So be sure to catch our full review down below!

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Jays a-Jays Five In-Ear Headphones Review

Good design and good sound for a good price is hard to beat. And for many years that very ideology was kept alive by Jays – the sophisticated Swedish headphone maker known for its attention to detail, as well as one of the best three-button remote with a high-performance microphone to ever be designed and integrated into an in-ear headset. Recently Jays introduced the a-Jays Five, the company's new flagship in-ear headphones with a promise to one-up the a-Jays Four by doings things better. But most importantly, the a-Jays Five are Jays most considerate in-ear headphones yet. No longer will iOS users be the only ones to enjoy the greatness of Jays' unique, full-featured inline remote and mic. Whether you're an iOS, Android or Windows user, the a-Jays Five are available in three individual models designed not only to aesthetically compliment each of the three ecosystems, but fully support them natively.

We have never seen such dedication from other brands as much as Jays puts effort into engineering three entirely different experiences in order to make everyone happy. It's groundbreaking. Should the a-Jays Five be your next iOS, Android or Windows in-ear headphones with enriched integrated headset functionality? Read our in-depth review to find out if the a-Jays Five are the right pair for you.

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