Logitech K830 Illuminated Wireless Living-Room Keyboard Review

You can now take control of your living room smart TV, HTPC, gaming console and your desktop machine using a single device - Logitech's new K830 wireless living-room keyboard. Created out of necessity, the K830 keyboard is here to help users comfortably navigate their living room entertainment making it easier to quickly and effortlessly input text and passwords, while offering a smooth transition from couch to desk chair using what seems like the optimal form and function. Logitech's new K830 is a wireless, all-in-one backlight illuminated keyboard featuring an integrated multi-touch touchpad with a compact handheld-friendly design. Yet it's also large enough to get serious work done when sitting in front of a computer, and in any lighting situation. Or so it may seem. Looking for the definitive all-in-one PC to TV peripheral solution? This is where you need to start. Our full review awaits! 

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Beats Solo 2 Headphones (2014) Review

Beats is without question the world's most marketed headphone and audio brand in recent years. The company took a step in the right direction when it released the Studio 2 over-ear headphones late last year with much needed improvements in audio performance with the addition of a built-in rechargeable battery, and a polished redesign. And now Beats is repeating this revamping processes with the introduction of the Solo 2 headphones, which are coincidentally also the last pair Beats released as an independent company right before Apple acquired the brand for $3 billion.

As the successor of the Solo HD, the Solo 2 have an improved audio quality and share the same slick design language and a more resilient build quality of the Studio 2 headphones, but with a smaller and lighter portable on-ear style form factor. Can a new design and fine tuning persuade Beats skeptics into jumping onboard the Beats bandwagon that is high-priced, celebrity-endorsed headphones? There's only one way to find out. 

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JDS Labs C5 Portable Headphone Amplifier Review

It's not every day that we get to review an amp. And if you know anything about headphone amps it's that they make things sound...a whole lot nicer. Headphone amps made by JDS Labs are in particular a favorite of ours purely because they are engineered with a magical switch that reads "switch on for the ultimate audio experience of your life". Well not exactly, it's more of a bass toggle that takes your headphones into a whole new set piece of unimaginable, untapped potential. If there's ever was a small headphone amplifier company that knew exactly what portable headphone amp users were looking for it's JDS Labs. Much has changed since our review of the company's famous Altoids tinned CmoyBB amp from a few years ago. And in that time JDS Labs introduces a number of new and improved offerings including the C5, a portable headphone amp that's powered by Arduino firmware and built to audiophile standards with an explosive driving ability and great all-day battery life.

Want to take your headphones to the next step? Have you found the perfect pair of headphones that fit comfortably, look great and sound amazing, yet you still wish the bass was as impressively brilliant as the all the rest? Then be sure to check out the full review down below and we just might be able to help you find what you were missing out on this whole time!

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Logitech X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker Review

After quietly separating itself from Ultimate Ears, Logitech is finally and once again making portable Bluetooth speakers under its own name. Logitech recently introduced the X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker, the exuberant stereo variant of the company's ultra-small and pocket-friendly X100 offering. Though unlike the X100, the larger X300 is not only a stereo wireless Bluetooth speaker, but has four times as many drivers to help produce richer and more powerful immersive sounding audio whilst still maintaining that highly portable form factor we so very much like. Last week we tested and put JBL's small, albeit very capable $50 pocketable Clip speaker up against Logitech's comparable X100. Although the Clip has narrowly won that battle, we are even more interested to find out if paying an extra $20 is worth overlooking both of these very small speakers in favor of a superior music experience. Better yet, can Logitech's performance-driven X300 Mobile Wireless Speaker beat its Ultimate Ears cousin? Let's find out!

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JBL Clip Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker Review

In 2012, JBL introduced what was then considered to be the most impressive and highly portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that let users enjoy better sounding audio using their smartphone or tablet from a palm-sized device that could easily fit into a pocket. This time, the Clip by JBL is the company's latest travel and pocket-friendly offering that takes JBL's Micro speaker series of ultra-portable speakers to new heights with a more rugged and adventurous design. And although the Clip is just as small as its Micro Wireless predecessor and could be carried inside your pocket, its name suggest a more exposed means of transport. That's right, JBL's Clip features carabiner clip conveniently built into the top so you can practically hook it onto anything that can fit through its spring-loaded gate clip. Technically speaking the Clip is a wearable speaker. So should you consider picking one up? We think you should, but before you do, be sure to read up on our full and in-depth review down below!

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Fugoo (Style, Sport & Tough) Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Fugoo is perhaps the most impressive and intriguing portable wireless speaker system brands to be introduced into the consumer audio market. Not only does the Fugoo Wireless Speaker boast the best battery life ever to grace such a compact and hardware-rich portable speaker with an incredible 40-hours of wireless music streaming, but it also stands out with its ingenious and very much effective interchangeable "Jacket" styling concept, and impressive speaker driver "Core" design that is extremely durable in its waterproof construction, yet packs a massive punch of audio awesomeness which we did not see coming. Did we mention the shockingly good battery life and unbridled hexa (meaning six) speaker driver engineering? How about the fact that the Fugoo speaker can be mounted onto practically anything thanks to modular GoPro-esque accessories and a just do it attitude?

From unsullied chic to all-terrain extreme toughness, Fugoo's swappable exterior Jacket enclosures let you choose which way and how hard to rock out without ever losing sight of audio quality nor inner speaker core durability. Let's find out how it stacks up against the competition, if there's any to begin with. Hit that imaginary button for the full, in-depth review.

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Logitech Ultrathin (2014) Keyboard Cover for iPad Air & iPad mini Review

Putting your tablet to good use now are you? Typing away on that virtual on-screen keyboard, no tactile feedback to greet your every tap. It must be awful. Not to mention the amount of space on-screen keyboards occupy, robbing you from a true desktop typing experience. But what if we were to tell you that writing out a full essay using a tablet such as the iPad Air or even the iPad mini at a near-desktop level with nothing but an ultra-thin cover to take along with actually possible.

All you need is Logitech's new and updated Ultrathin (also unofficially referred to as the Ultrathin 2), the company's best magnetic keyboard cover for the iPad Air and iPad mini to date that features a built-it physical Bluetooth keyboard you only need to recharge once every three months. It's a much improved version of its predecessor the original Ultrathin – a finer tuned magnetic clip-on cover with improved viewing angle flexibility compared to its predecessor. The updated model is also thinner than its predecessor at 6.4mm (0.25-inches), which is also thinner than the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. And thanks to its rigid aluminum construction, the Ultrathin 2 is also 2/3 of the weight of iPad. Sounds promising to say the least. As always, you can find our full and in-depth review after the jump! 

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Rubix Augment Case + Charge for iPhone Review

Always find yourself with a near-depleted iPhone battery, lots of spare time and no wall socket to plug into? Two very helpful solutions are already widely available such as the battery case and the ever so popular backup battery charger. But the problem is that battery cases are bulky, heavy and impede on the way your device functions. On the other hand, most backup battery chargers charge your device separately requiring a cable to be used, often times come in very small capacities or are quite large and cumbersome to carry in your pocket. There has to be a better way, right? Rubix, a newly launched case brand, thinks that it has solved this problem with its rather unique and cleverly designed Augment Case system.

You see, it’s a divergently engineered protective case with a modular battery attachment module design called the Augment Charge. It’s a case and a battery module designed to connect seamlessly with one another in order to save space whilst letting you use a slim and lightweight protective case when you’re all juiced up. It really is as Augment describes - a “seamless integration of power and protection”, without the bulk and uninspired styling. We were given an exclusive first-look at Rubix's Augment Case and Augment Charge before their official release, so be sure to check out our full in-depth review down below!

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