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Gekko Stand Looks To Be The Only Stand You’ll Ever Need

Kickstarter continues to be a breeding ground for great and innovative products for your favorite gadgets and Gekko Stand hopes to be the next. As a designer, Dwight Houser became sick of the stands and mounts available on the market due to their “one-trick pony” like functionality. Enter the Gekko Stand, a multi-function stand+mount that works with just about any device, anywhere. It uses a NanoSuction pad that allows it to stick to any flat surface and won't leave any sticky residue behind when finished. Use it as a mount for your smartphone while driving or turn it into a stand for your tablet when stationary. The adjustable arm is made up of several ball and socket joints that can be put together or taken apart to adapt to your specific situation. It's like an adult lego accessory for your gadgets. For non-flat surfaces, a clamp can be used and with an entry price of $30, this product is too good to pass up. Gekko Stand is less than $1000 from reaching its project goal on Kickstarter and will be funded on March 15th. 


Elevate Your iMac Or Thunderbolt Display With The Apogee Monitor Stand

Companies like Twelve South have built their entire business on accessories for Apple products. Powerslide Labs looks to do the same with their first product, The Apogee Monitor Stand. Built entirely out of aluminum, it has the look and finish of a something Apple would build themselves. It is designed to elevate your iMac or Monitor to allow for an ergonomic viewing angle. On the bottom of each of the legs are “grippy feet” to allow the stand to stay in place and keep from scratching your table. It comes with a built in cable management system to keep your desk looking clean and neat. Optionally, you can also order one with 3 built in USB 3.0 ports that is located on one of the front legs. The Apogee Monitor Stand is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and you can pledge $69 to get yours when it becomes available.


Kickstarter Launches iPhone App

As a creative outlet for people to help fund and follow new projects, Kickstarter has finally released a full featured iPhone App. As soon as you open it, you are presented with three options in Discover, Activity, and Profile. Discover lets you find new projects using a variety of search functions including: Staff Picks, Popular, and by category. If you like something you see, clicking on the project will show you a description, video, and pledge information. Activity will allow you to track the projects you have backed and inform you of updates to them. The Profile tab will allow you see the projects you have you backed, past and present, and allow you to make changes to your profile. Overall, the app is simple and streamlined yet full featured enough to allow you to use it without having to sacrifice any facet of the website. Kickstarer for iPhone is free now on the App Store.


Wally. A Reimagined iPhone Wallet.

Don’t like carrying so much in your pockets when you go out? Look to the Wally iPhone wallet to help you out. Most iPhone cases on the market that dual function as a wallet are bulky and limit access to your phone. Wally is a slim, stick-on leather pocket that fits on the back of your iPhone via micro suction instead of glue or magnets. It uses a discreet pull-tab to accommodate 3 cards and is handcrafted with premium Italian leather in the USA. The Wally comes in black and brown and works for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. Funding is already at more than double the original goal and starts at $40 on Kickstarter.


Almond+ Looks To Reinvent The Router

Routers are like printers. With technology advancing at a blazing pace, they remain some of the most difficult, expensive, and frustrating pieces of gadgets we still use. Securifi is a company that is working to redesign and rethink the way we use wireless routers with the Almond+.

The Almond+ is roughly the size of an iPad and uses a 2.8 inch TFT screen to control all of its functions. Gone are the days of configuring and setting up your wi-fi via your PC or Mac. Plug it in. Follow the on screen directions and you’re set to go. It's as easy as that and your parents will love it. On top of being a router, it comes with ZigBee and Z-Wave, technologies that allow you to control lights and lock/unlock your door wirelessly. Check out the tech specs below for more information.

  • 802.11ac + n Dual Band Concurrent
  • 2.4GHz 2x2 MIMO - 300Mbps
  • 5GHz 2x2 MIMO - 867 Mbps
  • 2.8” TFT Touchscreen
  • Linux 2.6.36
  • 1+4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • 1 USB 2.0
  • ZigBee (2.4GHz)
  • Z-Wave US (908MHz)
  • Z-Wave Europe (868 MHz)
  • 620MHz Processor
  • 128MB RAM

If you’re tired of setting up and managing your parents wireless problems or you’re just looking for a modern answer to the router, you can pick one up on Kickstarter for $95.


ViVAX, A Case Worthy Of Your Laptop

So you bought a $3,000 MacBook Pro and are trying to figure out how to protect it short of just leaving it at home. Take a look at ViVAX, a military grade case that is waterproof, shockproof, and crushproof. Currently still raising funds on its Kickstarter page, ViVAX is an Italian made laptop case that looks like something from a James Bond movie. The outer shell is made of material similar to crash helmets with the interior lining being “shockproof techno-polymer.” This is all sealed with a special Neoseal rubber that’s waterproof and allows it to be unsinkable. 

If you’re still having doubts about the quality of this case, they ran it over with a car and the case, and more importantly, the laptop was just fine. £59 (about $95) gets you a case and £85 (about $137) gets you the case and the backpack carrying system.


CST-1, The World's Thinnest E Ink Watch

E Ink has partnered with Central Standard Timing to release the world's thinnest E Ink watch destined to wrap around your wrist like a functional slap bracelet. At just 0.80mm, the CST-01's razer thin profile and feather-like lightness is achieved by laminating flexible components including an E Ink display into a thin single piece of stainless spring steel while leaving behind any buttons and knobs. It's so thin and sharp looking it could also make a name for its self as the world's most dangerous watch. Hopefully that's not the case.

Charging and setting the time is done thru an external base station. And because the E Ink display barely wastes any power, the CST-01 watch features an eco-friendly micro-energy battery cell by Thinergy which provides enough power to keep the watch working for a month after just a quick 10 minute charge on the included base. 

Central Stand Timing's minimalist CST-01 E Ink watch just launched on Kickstarter, and is now available to be pre-ordered in black and white colors starting at $129.