Squair's The Slit Case Is An Expensive iPhone 6 Luxury Most Users Won't Buy

Got $2,000 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, that's just how much an iPhone 6 case called The Slit is going to cost you and your exquisite taste for all things premium. Squair is a Japanese case manufacturer that creates high-end, fashionable cases for Apple's line of iPhones from a material called Extra Super Duralumin A7075. This is supposedly a special formulation of an aluminum alloy that is both super strong and lightweight.

The case gets its name from its unique styling featuring a number of slits along the back of the case that let parts of the iPhone 6 show through. The Slit's subtle contoured body gives the user a more comfortable shape to hold onto while the edges are rounded to compliment the original design of the iPhone 6. And while The Slit isn't available for the iPhone 6 Plus yet, but does come in gold, silver and black. That being said, gold is only a color. The Slit is not actually dipped in real gold. $2,000 only gets you so far it seems. And we're not exactly sure what makes this case so expensive, because it surely isn't the material that it was precision carved from using state of the art 5-axis 3D CNC machines. Not even the drain cover-inspired styling warranty such a ridiculous amount of money.

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Ultimate Ears Intros UE MEGABOOM: A Bigger, Better, Bolder Portable Speaker

Ultimate Ears, the company behind the insanely successful UE BOOM portable Bluetooth speaker it introduced a little over a year ago, has finally released its third next-generation portable speaker with a design so familiar you'll probably have deju vu. The UE MEGABOOM is Ultimate Ears' thumpier sounding and longer-lasting portable speaker that just so happens to look identical to its now somewhat smaller brother – the UE BOOM. Not that we're complaining. We actually think the UE BOOM's ultra-durable design is one of the best around. And although the UE MEGABOOM features the same durable waterproof cylindrical design covered in rubber and a stain-resistant acoustic nylon mesh skin, as well as the same amazing immersive 360-degree audio output, it does have a few significant improvements over the UE BOOM model like longer wireless Bluetooth range of up to 100ft (compared to 50ft), extended 20-hour battery life (compared to 15-hours), and for the first time the UE MEGABOOM will be able to receive wireless over-the-air firmware updates.

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The Bandstand Docking Stand Will Charge Your Apple Watch At An Angle

The much anticipated launch date of the Apple Watch is fast approaching and there's already a growing selection of third party accessories for it. Along with protective cases and replacement straps, the Apple Watch now also has a stand to dock on - the first of its kind apparently. The Bandstand by Standzout, a company specialising in tablet floor stands and mounts, utilizes Apple's magnetic inductive charger to serve as a dedicated and substantial docking platform where you'll be able to set your Apple Watch to charge on a pivoting arm that can easily be adjusted to fit your desired viewing angle; as opposed to laying your Apple Watch flat on the table to charge like you would an iPhone or iPad. This might actually be something users will find useful.

The Apple Watch uses an innovative MagSafe-like magnetic charging connector that's designed to automatically pull itself into perfect alignment for charging when the metal connector comes in close proximity with the back cover of the Apple Watch, but unfortunately it does not prop the smartwatch at an optimal viewing angle. Something that the Bandstand wants to fix.

The Bandstand's pedestal-like base features additional USB ports for charging other devices like your iPhone and iPad. Not the most elegant solution for an Apple Watch accessory and certainly one that will take up quite a bit more desk space than one might be willing to sacrifice, but it's only an early start and we've got a feeling it's only the beginning. The Bandstand is currently a prototype that is being displayed at CES 2015, along with plenty more Apple Watch accessories. 


Lucidream eXo Is A Stainless Steel Exo-Skeleton iPhone 6 Case

We've seen our fair share of iPhone cases over the years, but there's one more irregular case that has caught our eye. And that case is the eXo by a company called Lucidream. This strikingly unique exo-skeleton case is fashioned out stainless steel that has been hand polished and comprised of three individual parts that interlock to protect the iPhone 6 from impacts and scratches – all while covering as little of the iPhone's svelte design as possible without degrading reception. Sounds familiar? While not an exact replica of Mod-3's aluminum-made Radius exo-skeleton case, the eXo case does share a stark resemblance to the Radius at its core, but is also a much more beefier and versatile variant that gets its industrial look and design from mechanical watch movements in that it features a clever non-screw or tool installation design with an integrated spring-damped impact absorption system.

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This Is LifeProof's Amazing Nuud Waterproof Case For iPhone 6

Not long after LifeProof revealed its water and shock-proof Fre case for the iPhone 6, the company's more advanced Nuud waterproof case featuring an impressive screenless technology that let's you touch the actual glass touchscreen of your device without an easy-to-scratch plastic screen protector to get in the way of that ultra-smooth finger gliding experience – is slated to be released early next month for $90. And now we also know what LifeProof's Nuud case for the iPhone 6 looks like. It'll be available in both black and white with a more revealing see-through clear back design similar to its predecessor.

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Bang & Olufsen's Less Costly BeoPlay H2 Headphones Are A Thing Of Beauty 

If you've got an expensive taste for quality and fashion, you'd be more than happy to know that you'll now be able to get your hands on the uniquely designed BeoPlay H2 headphones. High-end audio connoisseur Bang & Olufsen has introduced a more affordably priced pair of quite stylish looking, portable on-ear headphones that offer a similar level of premium build quality and design as its larger over-the-ear BeoPlay H6 headphones.

The new BeoPlay H2 offer B&O's signature superior natural sound clarity using custom tuned 40mm drivers, and feature a flexible adaptive headband that automatically adjusts to fit your head, durable lightweight polycarbonate composite frame textured to look like aluminum and covered in rugged textile fabric designed to evoke a familiar clothing-like feel while genuine padded lamb skin leather ear cushions provide a comfortable and sound-isolating listening experience. Unlike the more expensive BeoPlay H6 headphones, Bang & Olufsen's new BeoPlay H2 aren't made from any metal materials, but do feature a detachable and interchangeable audio cable with an in-line remote and microphone for music playback control and headset functionality.

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Magpul Deploys Field Case Cases For iPhone 6, 6 Plus

Magpul announced that its popular and highly textured Field Case cases are now available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with the more rugged dual-layered Bump Case dropping in as late as spring. Magpul kept the Field Case true to its original design with of course only its form factor slimmed down to fit Apple's slimmer, and much rounder smartphone.

The new Magpul Field Case for the iPhone 6 is a semi-rigid cover designed to provide basic protection in the field. Using a new synthetic material, the Field Case features PMAG-style ribs for added grip, snap-on design for easy installation and removal, and slides easily in and out of pockets without snagging.

Although the iPhone 6 Plus case is expected to start shipping in mid-December, customers can now order the Field Case for the iPhone 6 in black and olive drab green with more colors to come soon – for $17. In addition to newly released cases for the new iPhones, Magpul has also made a Bump Case (ships in mid-December) and Field Case (now available) cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5.