Elevation Stand, A Stunning Space-Saving Desk Stand For iMac & Thunderbolt Display

From the same people who brought you the incredibly amazing Elevation Dock for iPhone, comes yet another stunning Apple-inspired accessory. This time it's a unibody stand made for the iMac and Thunderbolt Display. Machined from solid, meticulously finished aluminum, Elevation Lab's new Elevation Stand is designed to raise your iMac up by 66mm to a more comfortable and ergonomic viewing height while taking up less desk space compared to other stands and platforms. With a seamless, screwless unibody construction - the Elevation Stand's hollowed interior lets you store peripherals such as an external backup hard drive or other items, while a chamfered hole opening at the back creates a clean cable management.

It takes a 90 million pounds press, the same machine used to help make the Tesla Model S, to extrude the profile of the Elevation Dock from a block of aluminum, which is then refined using glass bead blasting and anodizing techniques to closely match the smooth finish of the iMac's silver metal body. 

Every stand will get glass bead blasted, acid etched, electro-chemically polished, and deep anodized. It's the same finish we apply to Elevation Dock and Apple puts on Macbook Pros.

To keep your iMac from moving or sliding atop the Elevation Stand, a NanoPad material covers the top surface that comes in contact with the bottom side of the iMac's base (or Apple any Apple Display), essentially locking the two together very securely using a strong micro suction technology. Although Elevation Lab's Elevation Stand isn't as versatile as Twelve South's HiRise stand in that it doesn't have any height adjustable levels, it is a more elegant solution to both raise the height of your display as well as store items away from sight.

Elevation Labs are back on Kickstarter asking the community to help fund its Elevation Stand project like it successfully has with the inception of the Elevation Dock. You'll be able to pre-order the Elevation Stand at a reduced price for $59, instead of its full retail price of over $100 when it begins to ship in September.


Bluelounge Jimi, A Clever Frustration-Free USB 3.0 Attachment For iMac

Designed to work only with Apple's ultra-slim 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs, Bluelounge's new Jimi is a USB 3.0 extension port that plugs into one of the iMac's four hard-to-reach rear facing USB 3.0 ports allowing you to charge and transfer data quickly using its front-facing USB 3.0 port. The Jimi is one of many similar USB extension adapters created to help iMac users avoid frustration with having to reach blindly around to connect a USB peripheral. We recently covered a similar solution called the iMaccompanion, which in comparison offers a more premium aluminum-made front-facing USB port extension that while may be a more sturdy adapter, is more expensive and only offers USB 2.0 support.

Made from a flexible material, the "J" shape of the Jimi enables it to secure and clip into the iMac's speaker/air vents without causing any cosmetic damage to the aluminum finish. You can purchase Bluelounge's Jimi today in black for $15.


Logitech's Ultrathin 2 Is The New iPad Keyboard Cover You've Been Waiting For

Logitech has announced that it has made a new and improved Ultrathin 2 keyboard cover for the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display today with improved flexibility and a more refined design compared to its predecessor - the original Ultrathin. The updated model is thinner at 6.4mm (compared to 7.3mm), and thanks to its rigid aluminum construction, it's also 2/3 the weight of iPad. Improvements in the Ultrathin 2 keyboard cover include a newly designed flexible multi-angle stand which securely holds onto your iPad while allowing you to pivot and adjust the viewing angle smoothly like a laptop screen in multiple angles.

With a built-in rechargeable battery that Logitech claims will last up to 3 months with 2 hours of daily usage, the Ultrathin's Bluetooth keyboard features well-spaced keys with an optimized layout – complete with iOS shortcuts – to provide a familiar, fluid and comfortable typing experience.

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Nocs Intros NS500 In-Ear Headphones With iPhone 5s-Inspired Design

Nocs has introduced its latest in-ear headphones today, the $80 NS500 Aluminum. These iPhone 5s-inspired in-ears are one of the prettiest we've seen. The NS500 share a similar refined and minimalist design language with Apple's iPhone 5s like a polished chamfered-cut edge, smooth sandblasted aluminum surface and construction anodized in a subtle champagne gold hue - or in a Space Gray shade to compliment your iOS handset. 

The NS500's 8mm titanium-coated dynamic drivers claim to deliver the listener with an "amazing sonic experience that offers impeccable balance, rich detail and a deep bass". A flat tangle-free, Kevlar reinforced cable features Nocs' slim and lightweight, iOS 7-compatible 3-button remote with MEMS microphone for headset use and music playback control. Don't fret though, there's also an Android-supported version of the NS500 available as well.

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iMacompanion Introduces A Front-Facing USB Port On iMacs

Don’t you hate it when you need to plug in something into one of the USB ports inconveniently placed around the back of your iMac? Well, there’s a simple fix for your USB port plugging problem. iMacompanion is a sturdy USB extension port that sits at the front of your iMac’s pedestal base, giving you a much more convenient and hassle-free USB port experience at all times. It’s also designed to naturally compliment your iMac with its silver, sandblasted anodized aluminum construction and clean aesthetic.

The iMacompanion USB port uses an incredibly thin flat cable which is hidden from plain sight and is routed underneath the base of the iMac so it looks as if it were a built-in feature. What isn’t so impressive is that fact that at this point and time, the iMacompanion is still a USB 2.0 due to certain limitations with regard to its ultra-thin cable design. If that doesn’t bother you though, you can pre-order yours right now and help fund this product on Kickstarter for $29.


Jabra Rox Wireless Is A Rugged, Low-Profile Bluetooth In-Ear Headset

Introduced late last year, Jabra's new Rox Wireless is one of the smallest and most lightweight wireless in-ear headphones that we have seen. And they're now available to purchase at Apple retail stores and online. The $130 wireless in-ear stereo headset was designed to withstand the abuse of your daily gym and active lifestyle grind whilst enabling you to listen to music and answer an incoming call without a cable running down your body, and having to touch your smartphone or iPod. The Rox Wireless features in-line remote for music playback control, a microphone designed to cancel background noise while you talk, and a rugged, water and sweat-resistant solid steel construction with built-in magnets that allow you to clip the two earbuds together around you neck while they automatically activate a power saving mode.  

Jabra has partnered with Dolby to enhance the Rox Wireless' audio using the Jabra Sound app to provide "a rich and immersive, full-spectrum sound experience that brings your device to life and adds extra depth and dimension to your music." But even without using the app, the Rox Wireless should deliver clear sound with a bass punch.

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Samsung Unveils The Galaxy S5 With Fingerprint Sensor, Other Awesomeness

Say goodbye to slippery shiny plastic, and hello to the new Galaxy S5. Samsung has officially introduced its latest flagship handset today at the Mobile World Congress event with a larger 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED display with full 1080p HD resolution. Samsung's new Galaxy S5 features a number of hardware and exterior design improvements starting with its rear shell, which is now a dimpled textured polycarbonate with a matte soft-touch finish for added grip that Samsung is calling a "glam look". The front of the S5 is otherwise indisputable from its predecessor except for that vibrant new wallpaper art, keeping that familiar Galaxy styling. But there's more, the Galaxy S5 is IP67 rated which means that it is water and dust-resistant and can be submerged underwater up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Underneath what we'd assume is a remorseless plastic construction, the Galaxy S5 is powered by Android KitKat 4.2.2, a 2.5Ghz quad core processor with 2GB of memory, fast 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi with 2×2 MiMo antennas, Cat 4 LTE, and offers 20% better battery life compared to the Galaxy S4 using a user removable 2,800mAh battery. Other improvements include what Samsung is calling the world's fastest auto-focusing smartphone camera: a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera that can focus in just 0.3 seconds with real-time HDR, 4K video recording like the Note 3, and background blurring action thanks to a new Selective Focus feature. 

The Galaxy S5 combines an advanced camera, the fast network connectivity, dedicated fitness tools and enhanced device protection features as consumers stay fit and connected in style. 

Other notable new features include a fingerprint scanning home button that works by swiping down on it to unlock the device. Users will also be able to use the Galaxy S5's fingerprint sensor to authenticates purchases including PayPal transactions without having to physically input their password. There's also an improved LED flash with a heart rate monitoring sensor built-in right next to it. The two will work in tandem to measure your finger pulse. As for the GS5's speaker, well it was left behind. More after the break including a video demonstration of how the Galaxy S5's new fingerprint scanning home button works in practice.

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