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Cabin Brings MagSafe-Like Capabilities & Backup Power To iPhone

Cabin by a start-up compact called Hevo Labs is taking on Apple at its own game with possibly the sleekest charging accessory ever to be put on Kickstarter. And yes, this is yet another Kickstarter product that has surpassed its original funding goal of $50,000 within days. It seems like all the coolest product ideas stem from this amazing crowed-funding platform. All applauding aside, Cabin is an iPhone accessory that is trying to tackles two different things at once using the brilliant power of magnetism. This is one of those accessories that you'll desperately want.

Although it doesn't have the most attractive product name, Cabin sure does impress us with its all-aluminum and possibly the best looking, ultra-slim battery pack which attaches to the back of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s using a MagSafe-like magnetic connection. It was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, yet it still packs a 2200mAh rechargeable battery under a svelte-looking, contoured aluminum unibody construction - which we think fits Apple's design language better than any battery case out there. That's partly because the Cabin battery isn't really a case.

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Bluelounge Kickflip Makes Your MacBook Pro More Awesome

Bluelounge has come out with an ingenious way of adding flexibility to MacBook Pro users using an adhesive-backed flip-out kickstand leg it calls the Kickflip. When adhered to the bottom of either a 13-inch or a 15-inch MacBook Pro using a strong yet removable and reusable adhesive, forms a kickstand which puts your Mac at an elevated typing and viewing angle much like the small flip-out legs behind most keyboards.

The Kickflip is a relatively thin rubberized piece of plastic with a hinge mechanism that sticks to the bottom side of the laptop and stays flat until you flip it out to its standing position when you need elevated support making it slightly more comfortable and ergonomic to type on the keyboard. You can get Bluelounge's Kickflip right now for $18, and in two different sizes that fit the 13-inch or the 15-inch MacBook Pro (Retina and non-Retina models). Unfortunately, the Kickflip MacBook Air or other laptop models.

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Spigen's Ultra Neo Hybrid iPhone 6 Case Comes In Two Sizes

Spigen has recently introduced its line of new, albeit familiar cases for the upcoming iPhone 6. Spigen's redesigned Ultra Neo Hybrid case for the purported 4.7-inch as well as the much larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 boasts a slim and rounded design with a revealing clear back panel to compliment the more curvier and thinner form factor of the iPhone 6. You can pre-order Spigen's Ultra Neo Hybrid as well as the more drop-protective Tough Armor case in various colors starting today. The cases are expected to ship later this September, which is also when Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6.


Brave Through Short Battery Life With Braven's Smart BRV-BANK

No, Braven's new BRV-BANK isn't another smart wearable device. It is, however, the world's first Bluetooth-enabled smart portable backup battery pack that's also designed to be an essential piece of gadgetry for use out in the great outdoors as well as for emergency preparedness using a number of safety features wrapped in a everything-proof enclosure. With a 6000mAh rechargeable battery encased inside a sealed silicone-clad exterior that's ultra-tough, impact and water-resistant, the BRV-BANK is capable of charging two devices simultaneously using its two flap-covered USB ports no matter the terrain or weather condition. There's a fast 2.4A USB charging port designed for large devices like tablets, and a 1A USB charging port which you can use to either charge a smartphone or power on the included USB flashlight attachment accessory.

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SMS Audio Releases New Sport Line Of Headphones

SMS Audio has introduced the availability of its new Sport Collection of headphones featuring sweat-repelling nano technology in-ear and on-ear headphones designed for active lifestyle use. The new SYNC by 50 Wireless Sport on-ear headphones ($230) and the STREET by 50 Sport wired on-ear headphones ($180) are made using a durable rubberized material finish that SMS Audio is calling its 40U coating, which resists scratches, chipping as well as fingerprints. With an IPX4 rating, the SYNC and STREET Sport headphones are both sweat and water-proof thanks to a special nano-coating technology. Both of these headphones also have large, memory foam-padded Oval-Fit ear cushions covered with perforated leather for maximum comfort and breathability.

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ChargeAll, The First Portable Battery Pack With An AC Outlet

This is ChargeAll, and it claims to be the world's first and smallest portable battery pack to have an AC power outlet built-in. Unlike traditional backup batteries, this one features a full sized AC power outlet in addition to a regular old USB charging port. Available in two capacities: one with a 12,000mAh internal rechargeable lithium battery and a larger ChargeAll battery (still portable) with a 18,000mAh capacity capable of recharging any device that requires up to 85W of power like a MacBook Pro. In fact, the people behind the ChargeAll battery say that its 12,000mAh portable battery can fully recharge a MacBook Pro two times over, while the larger battery can triple that amount which sounds like an impressive claim to fame to say the least.

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The Amazon Fire Phone, A Pocketable Kindle Fire That Makes Calls

From this day forward Amazon will no longer be known as the giant online retailer that also makes tablets and Kindles, but also as a company that makes smartphones. That’s right, Amazon has revealed its new smartphone, the Fire Phone. It’s Amazon’s first and only flagship smartphone to be designed by the company itself using materials like a rubberized frame, stainless steel reinforcement and aluminum buttons. Oh, and it only comes in black. Unfortunately for Amazon's little design boasting, the Fire Phone looks like an entry-level, basic smartphone instead of a premium flagship device.

The Fire Phone is 0.35-inches thick (compared to the 0.30-inch iPhone 5s and 0.34-inch Nexus 5), primarily made from plastic and is unexpectedly expensive, albeit isn’t lacking when it comes to features and specs. Prices start at $200 for a 32GB Fire Phone with a two year contract on AT&T, or $650 unlocked. The Fire Phone features an ultra-bright, Gorilla Glass 3-protected 4.7-inch IPS LCD HD display with the resolution of 1280x720 (315ppi), which Amazon says is the right size for one-handed use. A Gorilla Glass 3 panel can also be found covering the back of the Fire Phone which is surrounded by a rubberized plastic frame similar to the Nexus 4.

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